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我一定要完成作业 I Must Finish My Homework2018-02-26
Every time when the holiday comes, I will be very excited and forget about all the things.
后街男孩 Backstreet Boys2018-02-25
When I was very small, my favorite band was backstreet boys. At that time, every girl was so crazy about them. They not only sang well, but also danced so well.
新年愿望 The New Year's Wish2018-02-25
As the new year is coming soon, I am so excited to look forward to the next year.
每个人都有天赋 Everybody Has a Gift2018-02-24
Every parent wants their children to learn as many skills as possible, so that they can be equipped with skills and win over other kids.
美好的早晨 The Beautiful Morning2018-02-24
Today is Sunday. Early in the morning, I get up and then go out of the house with my grandma. She walks to the square and then dances with her partner.
我的幸运日 My Lucky Day2018-02-20
Today, when I am going shopping with my friends, we decide to buy the product that is on sale. If we are lucky, we can gain the prize.
年轻有才的人 The Young Talents2018-02-20
Everytime I see the news about the young people make great achievement and win the worlds attention, I feel so envious and wonder about how they make it.
我的诺言 My Promise2018-02-20
Early in the morning, my mother asks me if I can clean the floor, as she has to go out for a day. I say yes and then play computer games.
完美的父母 The Perfect Parents2018-02-20
Almost in every childs eyes, their parents are not perfect, because they wont give them whatever they want, or sometimes they will have argument.
丢失的雨伞 The Losing Umbrella2018-02-20
Last week, I lost my umbrella when I got off the bus. I felt so sorry for being so careless.
热闹的公园 The Lively Park2018-02-20
Tonight, my parents and I went to the park for a walk after dinner. There were so many people, and a lot of families hanged out.
妈妈的惊喜 Mother's Surprise2018-02-20
My mother always tells me that if I study hard and make progress, she will buy presents for me. So I listen to the teacher carefully and want to get improved.
最后的时间 The Last Minute2018-02-20
Every time when I am in vacation, I will forget the study thing. All I want to do is having fun with my friends.
亲爱的父亲 My Dear Father2018-02-20
My father is the best person in the world. He cares about me so much. No matter how busy he is, he always makes out some time to play with me.
吸血鬼电影 Vampire Movies2018-02-20
I like to see horror movies. But when I see vampire movies, I dont think they are scared and I like this type a lot. The vampires are so beautiful.
一个开心的男孩 A Happy Boy2018-02-20
Jack is seven years old, and he is in primary school now. Every day, he goes to school with his best friend, who lives next to him.
如何进步 How to Make Progress2018-02-20
Everyone wants to be an excellent student. So not only other students will adore you, but also your parents will be proud of you.
一个孩子的心愿 A Child's Wish2018-02-20
Today, when I learn the new text in Chinese class, I find a picture which catches my attention.
父亲的礼物 Father's Present2018-02-20
Today is Lilys birthday. She is so happy, and all of her friends come to her house and spend the happy hour with her. But Lily is waiting for her father to go home from work.
父亲的承诺 Father's Promise2018-02-20
The role of a father is as great as a mother, because he has to raise the whole family. I always complain about my father before, because he is busy all the time.
我爱熊猫 I Love Panda2018-02-20
Panda is the cutest animal in the world. It is so lovely. It has black eyes and round body. Once I went to the zoo to watch pandas.
一位老人家 An Old Lady2018-02-20
Today, when I go home after school, I get on the bus, then I see an old lady getting on the bus after me.
妈妈做的菜 My Mother's Food2018-02-20
Most children are picky about food and I am one of them, so my mother try to figure out all the ways to let me have balanced diet.
贪婪的心 A Greedy Heart2018-02-20
Once I read a book, it tells me a story about a greedy monkey.
忠诚的朋友 The Loyal Friend2018-02-20
I always want to keep a pet dog. Finally, my parents agree.
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