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幸福就在身边 Happiness Is Around Me2017-09-15
If we ask people what is happiness, then they will give us the answer like a lot of money, because we fight all our lives to make money.
奥运精神 The Spirit of Olympic Games2017-09-14
Olympic Games is the biggest event for the players, because it holds every four years. I remembered that my father watched the games at midnight many years ago, and I did not understand why he was so crazy about it.
幸福就在身边 Happiness Is Around Me2017-09-14
If we ask people what is happiness, then they will give us the answer like a lot of money, because we fight all our lives to make money.
如何帮助人 How to Be Helpful2017-09-13
We are always educated to be kind and helpful, so when we see others in trouble, we should give them a hand.
幸福就在身边 Happiness Is Around Me2017-09-13
If we ask people what is happiness, then they will give us the answer like a lot of money, because we fight all our lives to make money.
微笑待人 Smile to Other2017-07-09
Many years ago, when people wanted to send things, they needed to go to the post office and then it took a few days to let other people receive them.
手机改变我的生活 Cellphone Changes My Life2017-07-08
Many years ago, cellphone was not allowed to be brought in the classroom, but now cellphone has been part of peoples live and students can use it anytime.
儿童节快乐 Happy Children's Day2017-07-08
Every year, when Childrens Day comes, no matter how old people are, they want to spend this day and show their youth. In our school, there are all kinds of activities.
光荣背后 Behind the Glory2017-07-07
When we see the successful people, it is natural for us to feel jealous. We see their power and fame, wishing we can be one of them. But the fact is that who knows what these successful people have paied for.
关于哈利波特的记忆 The Memory of Harry Portter2017-07-07
When I was in primary school, our teacher presented us the movie Harry Portter, and all of us were impressed by the magical world. When I got home, I asked my mother to buy me all the videos of Harry Portter.
冲动的后果 The Result of Impulsion2017-07-06
People always say that impulsion is the demon, but only the one who has experienced this unhappy moment can feel the horrible result. I remembered that when I was five years old, I was young and reckless.
地震袭击 Earthquake Attacked2017-07-06
Yesterday afternoon, when I was sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher. Suddenly, the screen seemed moving and it started to shake.
朋友 Friends2017-07-05
What's friends? Do you have friends? I have many friends, so I always feel happy. In the morning, some of my friends will go to school with me.
我们需要爱 We Need Love2017-07-05
Nowadays, Internet has been part of our life, and we can do a lot of things with it. No matter at work, or scan instant news, we can improve our efficiency by the Internet.
对我影响最深的人 The Person Who Has Influenced Me The Most2017-07-04
Many people will have an idol in their inner heart. There is one in my mind. Maybe I cannot say that she is my idol, but she is truly the person has influenced me the most.
最深的感情 The Deepest Relationship2017-07-04
When I see my grandparents walking together, I will think of the popular sentence, which is the most romantic thing is to grow old with you.
挚友 My Best Friend2017-07-03
I have a best friend. We grow up together. In fact, she is my neighbor. Her home is three minutes from mine. We play together since I can remember things.
马背上的男生 The Man in the Horse2017-07-03
As the summer Olympic Games is coming, I started to pay attention to the news everyday. When I saw the name Alex Hua Tian, I was so excited, because I am a big fan of him.
最好的礼物 The Best Gift2017-07-02
Today was my fathers birthday. Early in the morning, he went out to work as usually. But I felt nervous and I wanted to give him a surprise.
爱就这么简单 Love Is Simple2017-07-02
When I go to middle school, I realize that the difference between families. Some of my classmates are picked up by their parents with cars everyday, while the other students like me just walk home by ourselves.
应不应该到江河水库游泳? Should We Go to the River for Swimming?2017-07-01
The adult always warn us not to go swimming in the river. They are afraid we will have accidents as the river has no safty measures.
坚守承诺 Keep the Promise2017-07-01
My father is a stubborn man, and he always keeps what he thinks is right. He is such a strong man in my mind, because he never breaks his promise.
朋友是什么? What is a Friend?2017-05-19
Everyone needs a friend, because we are not the only one in the world. We need someone to talk to and share our happiness and sorrow.
感恩母亲 Be Thankful to My Mother2017-05-19
Last week, my elder sister gave birth to a baby girl. I was so happy for our family joining one more member. I helped my sister to look after the baby.
杰克船长 Captain Jack2017-05-18
Many years ago, the movie Pirate of Carribean was popular around the world. The obvious character captain Jack was favored by fans around the world.