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一位父亲的信 A Father's Letter

People always say that a father’s love is like the mountain, which means the love is strong but not obvious, because men are generally not good at expressing themselves. I read an article about a father’s love. He wrote a letter to his child, which was about three years old. In the letter, he expressed his future concern about the problems that the kid would face and the father told the kid to be strong. From the letter, people could feel the strong power that father would always support you, no matter what happens. I complain about my father sometimes, because he is so busy, but at this moment, I understand him.  人们总是说父爱如山,这说明父爱是深沉而不明显的,因为男人通常都不善于表达自己。我看了一篇关于一个父爱的文章,他给自己三岁的孩子写了一封信。在信中,他表达了对孩子将面临的问题的担忧,父亲告诉孩子要坚强。从信中,人们能感觉到强大的力量。不管发生什么事,父亲总是支持自己的。有时候我会抱怨我的父亲,因为他总是很忙,此时此刻,我理解他了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180209/A-Fathers-Letter.html