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努力的意义 The Meaning of Hard-working

Since I go to middle school, I have to learn many subjects. Though I am not the best student in class, but I won’t give up. I always tell myself to work hard, because if I want to compete with other students, I need to make great effort. People are easy to deny themselves when they face difficulty. If they fail one time, then they will doubt the effort they have made. Actually, we are not studying in vain. What we learn will be a great help to improve ourselves. The thing we learn decides what kinds of person we are. So don’t deny yourself, as you will see the value you have stored before in the future.  自从我上中学以后我就得学习很多课程。虽然我不是班上成绩最好的学生,但我不会放弃。我总是告诉自己要努力学习,因为如果我想要和其他同学竞争,我就得付出很大的努力。当人们面对困难时,他们很容易否认自己的努力。如果他们失败了一次,就会怀疑自己所付出的努力。事实上,我们的学习并不是无用功,我们所学到的东西会极大地帮助我们提升自己,我们所学的东西决定了我们是什么样的人。所以不要否认自己,因为在未来,你会看到你之前储备的价值。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/The-Meaning-of-Hard-working.html