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我的信念 My Faith

It is true that nobody can live the perfect life, because we will meet all kinds of difficulties. The one who can handle the problems well will be the winner. I have strong faith that I will never give up no matter what kind of difficulty I meet. Once, I was not good at English, and I felt so frustrated when I saw my classmates got high mark. Then I decided to spend more time to learn it well day by day. Now I have made great progress and I even do better than a lot of students. I am so proud of myself, because I do not give up.  的确,没有人可以过着完美的生活,因为我们总会遇到各种各样的困难。能够把这些问题处理好的人会是赢家。我有着强大的信念,无论遇到什么样的困难都不轻言放弃。我以前并不擅长英语,每当我看到我的同学得高分时,我都觉得难受。然后我决定多花些时间去学习。现在我已经取得了很大的进步,我甚至比很多学生都做得好。我很为自己感到骄傲,因为我没有放弃。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/My-Faith.html