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如果我生气了 If I Get Angry

Everybody will get angry when they have argument with others. The way to deal with the bad mood is very important. If we can’t handle well, we may lose the important person in our life. When I get angry, I will tell myself not to say any word, because whatever I say, it must hurt others. The bad mood will make me lose my mind, so I need to calm down and stay alone. I will listen to light music or watch fun TV shows. after much laughter, I reconsider my attitude, then things will become easier. I learn to control my bad mood.  与他人发生争执时每个人都会生气。管理坏心情的方式是非常重要的。如果我们处理不好,我们很可能会失去生命中重要的人。当我生气的时候,我会告诉自己不要说话,因为无论我说什么,都会伤害到他人。坏心情会让我失去理智,所以我需要冷静下来,一个人呆着。我会听轻音乐或者看有趣的电视节目,笑一会后,我开始重新审视我的态度,事情就变得更容易些。我学会了控制不良情绪。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180207/If-I-Get-Angry.html