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美国语文第五册 第199期:癫狂的火车司机(09)

"He came," said the guard, and swore that an engine which stood near by was his. “这人来后,”那位警卫说,指天发誓说停放附近的那辆机车是他的, He said it was one he had made to go to the moon in, and that it had been stolen from him. 他还说,那是他自造的发动机,准备开往月球,后来却被人偷走了。 We sent for more help to arrest him, and he fled. 我们动用了相当警力展开抓捕,但他还是逃脱了。 "Well," I replied, with a shudder, "I wish he had approached me in the same way; but he was more cautious at Dantzic." “原来如此,”我感慨万分,心中仍然不寒而栗,“他当时也以类似的方式接近我,那该多好!不过,在丹兹克他更加小心谨慎了。” At Schwartz we found an engineer to run the engine to Bromberg; 在希维切,我们得以找到一位火车司机,负责去布朗伯格的剩下路程。 and having taken out the western mail for the next northern mail to carry along, 列车卸下那些西去邮件,等待下趟北去的邮车, we saw that Kroller would be properly attended to, and then started on. 我们也知道马丁.克罗尔将会受到精心关照,就这样,火车再度鸣笛上路了。 The rest of the trip we ran in safety, though I could see the passengers were not wholly at ease, 接下来的路程相当平稳顺畅,尽管我看见旅客们未必彻底放心, and would not be until they were entirely clear of the railway. 哪怕对铁轨的恐惧彻底消除后,他们亦未必心安。 Martin Kroller remained insensible from the effects of the blow nearly two weeks; 马丁·克罗克由于外物重击失去知觉大约两周之久, and when he recovered from that, he was sound again; his insanity was all gone. 身体逐步恢复后,他已经安然无恙,所幸的是,他的精神不再错乱,意识也恢复正常了。 I saw him about three weeks afterward, but he had no recollection of me. 三周后,我再次见到了马丁·克罗克,但他根本记不起我了, He remembered nothing of the past year, not even his mad freak on my engine. 也记不起过去的事情,甚至包括那列火车上发生的所有荒诞行为。 But I remembered it, and I remember it still; and the people need never fear that I shall be imposed upon again by a crazy engineer. 然而,我还记得,直到今天也一直铭记在心。民众需要的并非恐惧,而我,却凭借一位癫狂司机的手,将其强加到他们身上。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534466.html