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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第07集 第14期

是她退休社区中的另一个女士 It was another lady in her retirement community. 媒体弄错了 The press got it wrong. 不 我不知道这个 Well, no, I didn't know that. 但也没关系 But it doesn't matter anyway. Uh... 我还是为那位女士感到惋惜 I still feel bad for that... lady, 而且 我相信 and, um, I believe it. 针对老年人犯罪 The elderly CRIme... 的事 thing. 他给了你这些曲奇饼 He gave you cookies? 是的 以及采访地点 Yes. And an interview spot. 但没有支持 But no endorsement? 是的 他说他想在采访中谈更多 No. He said he wanted to talk more in the interview. 我不擅长做这个 伙计们 I'm not good at this, guys. 我很不善于索要东西 I'm bad at asking for things. 我不喜欢索要 I don't like asking... 艾丽西娅 听我说 Alicia, listen to me, 你在参加竞选 你工作的本质 you're running for office. The very nature of your job 就是索要东西 is asking for things. 选票 钱 帮助 这是项本领 Votes, money, help. It's a talent. 政治家们就是这样让你们爱上他们的 That's how politicians get you to love them, 不是通过给人们什么 not by giving you something 而是索要什么 but asking for something. 所以你必须克服 So you just got to get over your... 你对这一切的感觉 feeling that you're above all this. 真正的问题是 我们要做这个采访吗 The real question is, do we do the interview? 可能是个陷阱 It could be a setup. 他利用一次差劲的采访作为跳板 He uses a bad interview as a springboard 来宣布他自己的参选 to launch his own campaign. 会有很多观众 我们得做 It's an audience. We have to. 好 Yeah. 好了 我们准备刁钻的问题 All right. We prep for hardball questions. 我们让他认为我们很温和 We make him think we're going in soft 然后我们就直击要害 and then we go for the jugular. 好 我来准备 Okay. All right, I'll handle the prep. 我去... I'll go and, uh... 你在哪发现那两公斤可卡因的 Where did you recover the two kilos of cocaine, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/The-Good-Wife-06-07-14.html