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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第07集 第05期

好 Okay. 你现在坐着别动 Now, you just sit tight. 杰弗里 巡警拦下你时说了什么 Jeffrey, what did the patrolman say when he stopped you? 他说了什么 What did he say? 他说他闻到我身上有酒气 He said... he smelled alcohol on my breath. 但他看到了我的感冒药 But he saw I had cold medicine. 他说就是那个了 怎么 He said that must be it. Why? 没什么 那有个助理检察官在跟他说话 Nothing. There's an ASA over there talking with him. 是啊 当时她也在巡逻车里 Yeah, she was in the patrol car. 她也在巡逻车里 She was in the patrol car? 是的 Yes. -而你还没做酒精测试 -没有 - And you haven't gotten a Breathalyzer yet? - No. 他们拿一个棉球擦了一下我口腔 And they took a... cotton swab from inside my mouth. 什么 他们 为什么 What... they... Why? 他们没说原因 They didn't say. 我需要担心吗 Should I be worried? 还不用 Not yet. 你之前有什么违法行为吗 杰弗里 Have you had any other brushes with the law, Jeffrey? 高中的时候有些吧 I had some issues when I was in high school. 我还有一次酒驾被拦下过 但是 I got pulled over on another DUI, but... 那以后我就再没有喝酒驾车了 I would never drink and drive again. 好 别担心 我一会儿就回来 Okay. Don't worry. I'll be right back. 吉妮瓦 这是怎么回事 Geneva, what's going on here? 什么意思 What do you mean? 我的意思是为什么助理检察官 What I mean is, why is an ASA 会打着酒驾的幌子拦下一个大学生呢 out stopping a college student on a phony DUI? 我不知道你为什么说这是幌子 I don't know why you're calling it phony. 这都拦下一个小时 Well, an hour after the pull-over, 还没进行酒精测试 血液测试 and still no Breathalyzer, no blood test? 他每次去厕所 你的指控就削弱了一些 Every time he pees, your case is literally going down the toilet. 可你擦取了他的DNA 这和醉没醉无关 But you swabbed for DNA, which is irrelevant to sobriety. 我们只是想做到最细致罢了 威尔 We were just trying to be diligent, Will. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/The-Good-Wife-05-07-5.html