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BBC地平线 迪皮与鲸(Dippy and the Whale) 第04期

辛茨廳是博物館的門面 Hintze Hall is the grand entrance of the museum 設計目的是讓參觀者贊不絕口 and was designed to dazzle the visitor 贊嘆于自然界的美感及復雜性 with the beauty and complexity of the natural world. 我認為擺放藍鯨化石的話 I think with the blue whale, 人們在那個絕妙的建筑空間里 when people see this enormous skeleton 看見這副巨大的骨架之時 in that wonderful architectural space, 我們此前遭受的非議立刻就會煙消云散 I think very quickly, any CRItics that we have will be silenced, 在未來的二三十年里 and, you know, children 孩子們和他們的孩子 and their children over the next 20-30 years 會逐漸認同藍鯨骨骼化石 will come to accept the blue whale skeleton 是博物館中央新的標志性的骨骼標本 as the new iconic central specimen for the museum. 作為世界上體型最大的哺乳動物的骨骼 As the skeleton of the world's biggest animal, 也是最瀕危的物種之一 and one of its most endangered, 博物館想要讓這個藍鯨 the museum wants the whale to be a reminder of 提醒人類與自然界之間的微妙關系 humanity's delicate relationship with the natural world 以及我們關心地球上所有生命的責任 and our responsibility to care for all life on Earth. 詹妮弗·福里潘斯是負責將藍鯨 Jennifer Flippance is the project manager 搬進這個具有歷史意義的空間里的項目經理 in charge of the whale's move into this historic space. 詹妮弗·福里潘斯 項目經理 自然歷史博物館 這個大廳看上去很大 It looks like a very big hall. 入口卻非常小 The entrances are actually very small, 搬進來那天可能會很窄 and it's going to be quite tight on the day that we bring it in. 珍的工作就是滿足理查德的雄心壯志 It's Jen's job to fulfil Richard's ambitious dream 并用令人激動的方法將鯨魚懸掛在屋梁上 and hang the whale from the girders in a new, exciting way. -大致就是掛在這塊區域 -對 - This is basically where the action's going to be. - Yep. 我們想為骨架賦予動感 I mean, the idea is that we give the skeleton a lot more dynamism来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/Dippy-and-the-Whale-4.html