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BBC地平线 迪皮与鲸(Dippy and the Whale) 第02期

無法通過所在房間的這道門 to fit in this door, as it currently stands. 跟隨自然歷史博物館的這兩個龐然大物 Following two giants of Natural History, 一頭恐龍 一頭藍鯨 a dinosaur and a blue whale... 現在我們位于 And we're on the beach 1891年這頭藍鯨擱淺的沙灘 that the blue whale beached on, back in 1891. 再懷揣一個大膽的夢想 ...and one audacious dream. 我們為什么要這么做來著 Why are we doing this again? 地平線 迪皮與鯨 自然歷史博物館 The Natural History Museum 以其科學研究 is renowned for its scientific research 和世界級藏品著稱 and world-class collections. 在過去的38年中 And for the last 38 years, 恐龍迪皮都站在舞臺的中央 Dippy the dinosaur has been standing centre stage. 博物館保管工作負責人洛琳·科尼什 Lorraine Cornish, the museum's head of conservation, 那段時間一直負責照料他 has been responsible for looking after him for all that time. 我們今天要為迪皮進行清潔 What we're doing today is cleaning Dippy, 這是常規工作 which is a regular process, 洛琳·科尼什 自然歷史博物館保管工作負責人 大約每六個月一次 takes place every six months or so. 洛琳已經看護 Lorraine has been caring 博物館展品30多年了 for the museum's exhibits for over 30 years. 我最初是在樓下實驗室中工作 I initially started working in a laboratory downstairs, 沒多久我就可以上來 在陳列館里工作 but soon I was allowed to come up and work in the galleries, 負責展出的藏品 on the objects on display, 這總能給我深深的滿足感 and that was always deeply satisfying, 因為我知道我要做的所有工作 because you knew any work that you were going to be doing, 觀眾都會見到 the public would see. 而且迪皮已經占據她心中的一席之地 And she has a special place in her heart for Dippy. 我對他十分著迷 I'm very closely attached to him, 因為他就在我加入博物館的前一年 because he was put into this gallery 被放置到這座陳列館里 just the year before I joined the museum,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/Dippy-and-the-Whale-2.html