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BBC地平线 迪皮与鲸(Dippy and the Whale) 第01期

倫敦自然歷史博物館 London's Natural History Museum 是世界上最負盛名的機構之一 is one of the world's most prestigious institutions. 1881年開館以來 Since it opened in 1881, 有6億多名觀眾入內參觀 over 600 million visitors have passed through its doors. 它是地球生物多樣性的輝煌豐碑 It's a spectacular monument to Earth's biodiversity. 1979年起 人們步入大廳后 And since 1979, a dinosaur, Dippy the diplodocus, 最先映入眼簾的就是梁龍迪皮 has welcomed everyone as they enter the main hall. 他是博物館內最受人喜愛的展品之一 He's one of the museum's most adored attractions. 我非常喜歡他 I'm very closely attached to him. 但是2015年 But in 2015, 博物館作了一項頗有爭議的決定 the museum took the controversial decision 要換掉迪皮 to call time on Dippy. 宣布將在大廳中 It announced that the hall 安放一件新展品 was going to be given a new star attraction, 一件百年來一直在博物館里吃灰的展品 one that has been here, gathering dust, for over 100 years. 一頭巨大藍鯨的骨架 The skeleton of a huge blue whale. 我知道 簡直令人驚嘆 不是嗎 I know! It's amazing, isn't it? 太了不起了 It's remarkable. 博物館想改變形象 The museum wants to change its image 并且決定用一種艱巨的方式來實現 and has decided on a very ambitious way of doing so. -這里大概就是它的放置場所 -是的 - This is basically where the action's going to be. - Yep. 但是搬運展品將是一項 But getting it there will be a truly 極具挑戰性的工程 extraordinary engineering challenge. 你把它弄斜了 You're tilting now. 他們便是要完成這項工程的人 And these are the people who have to make it happen. -好了 -最壞的情況是顱骨掉下來 - That's it. - The skull coming off, that's my worst nightmare. 《地平線》在自然歷史博物館 Horizon has been watching behind-the-scenes 進行了兩年多的幕后拍攝 in the Natural History Museum for over two years... 顱骨長了14厘米 The skull is currently 14 centimetres, too large来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/Dippy-and-the-Whale-1.html