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OK. It's such a privilege to be a part of MAPP because what you have there in a year is all the top people from the field. 好的成为宾州应用心理学硕士班的一员是种特权因为在那里共度一年的是来自各个领域的杰出人物 So many of the people we'll talk about, 我们将会谈到的很多人 whether it's Bob Fredrickson who we'll talk about in a few minutes, 比如Bob Fredrickson ,过一会我们会谈到他 whether it's David Cooper we'll talk about, 或者以后会谈到的David Cooper whether it's Martin Seligman of course, will come there and present to you 当然还有Martin Seligman都会去那里给大家讲座 and you'll be spending quality time in small groups with them. Real privilege. 你将和他们亲密相处,真是一种特权 So what I want to do today is finish up on the basic premises, on the final premise. 今天我想结束有关基础前提的讨论讨论最后一个前提 Now we are going to watch it again. No? 还要再看这个吗,不 Or that? Here we go. 这个也不用看了?可以了 The final and the fifth premise is an important one; is a philosophical one 最后也是第五个前提很重要是一个哲学前提 but one I want to introduce at the beginning of the course 但我想在课程开始时介绍 so that you understand where I am coming from, 你们好理解我讲课的起源 where this course is coming from because many people say, 这门课程的来源因为很多人说 "Ok, so happiness is important. 好的,快乐是重要的 We seek it; we have declarations national declarations, individual declarations of how important it is for us. 我们寻找它,我们有宣言国家宣言关于快乐对我们多么重要的个人宣言 But that doesn't mean that it is important or the "is", the fact that it is important doesn't mean we ought to do it. 但那不代表它是重要的,问题在于这个"是"它是重要的但不代表我们应该去做 My argument here is that not only is it important, it also ought to be important. 我认为它不仅重要而且也应该是重要 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528093.html