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Well we wanna now do our official opening remarks and get onto the first session. 现在我们要开始 正式开场白 开始我们的第一讲 Torture is a very old topic, we'll hear about the ancient Roman experience of torture tomorrow, 酷刑折磨是个非常古老的话题 我们明天会听到 古罗马的折磨和酷刑历史 but I wanted to just start with a quote from Seneca's Consolation to Marcia that reminds us of how old this topic is. 我开篇想引用塞内加在《安慰玛利亚》中 写到的一段话 这段话提醒了我们 Over there I see torture devices not of a single design but constructed in different ways by different people. 这个话题到底有多么古老 我在那里看到的折磨手段不是单一的设计 Some men have hung their victims upside down, others have driven a stake through the genitals. 而是不同的人用不同的方式构建出来的 有些人把受刑者倒着吊挂起来 有些人用木桩刺穿受刑人的生殖器 Others have wrenched the arms with a fork-shaped yoke. 还有些人用叉形牛轭扭断别人的手臂 I see racks, I see whippings and each joint and limb has its own custom made torture machine. 我看到拷问台 鞭刑 人类的每个关节和躯干 都有自己特定的折磨工具 And that was in um the 1st century AD. 塞内加是在公元1世纪写下这番话的 Unfortunately it's also a very new topic as you've already heard from the student papers uh, 不幸的是 折磨也是个新话题 相信听了学生论文 你们应该已经清楚这点了 talking about everything from private contractors to the practises at Guantanamo. 他们在论文中探讨了各种各样的折磨手段 从私人承包者到关塔那摩审讯手段 等一下 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528063.html