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I think that's a key insight when that's a more efficient use of a limited military budget One method that's been used to address torture. 我认为这里面应该有捷径来限制军费预算用于解决这个 After it happens is something that I think Justice Sachs will talk about this evening, the truth in reconciliation model A model that. 困难的一个办法我想将是今天晚上justice sachs将要谈到的内容即"和解模型"中的真相 Brings together people, this is outside of a courtroom, it brings together a torturer and a victim of torture to talk about what happened. 这个模型把不同人联系在一起这是一种庭外和解 它让一个受拷打的人和目击者畅谈到底发生了什么 And I think that type of remedy or type of restorative justice that would take place in such a conversation would be particularly well suited. 我认为这种补救或裁断方式将适用于双方会谈尤其是适用于 To a torture situation, because the act, and Elaine Scarry desCRIbes this in The Body In Pain, the act of torture it uses the tortured, the victim. 虐待的案例中 因为这种举措如Elaine Scarry所描述的肢体的痛苦是虐待的目标 As a device or instrumentality of the tortured so the body's own pain, the pain of the body of the tortured becomes the weapon that the. 受害者是虐待的对象他们的身体遭受痛苦身体的痛苦成了虐待的工具和武器 Torturer uses to extract words from the victim or the tortured So to bring those two people together to talk in a public forum in a way that. 施虐着以此受害者身上获取情报所以我认为 把这样两种人召集在一起用谈论发生的痛苦的 Would acknowledge that torture has taken place, may be a way to supplement a regime that wouldn't necessarily apply to people. 这样一种方式来让他们交谈这可能是一个解决问题的方法即便对那些曾被当局忽视的人 Who have been left out of a regime in the past But again I wanted to say, just a fabulous job, I think that it's quite impressive. 来说这并不必要但是 我还是要讲到当你们进入法学院读一年级的时候 Since you're in your first year of law school that you have really exhaustively catalogued the current legal legislative regime that's available. 你们能够是用如此详尽的资料来查询现行法律的立法制度这一点真的让人印象深刻 Thank you. 谢谢 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528062.html