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创业与企业发展 第111期:支付系统

How does this apply to Palantir and, second -- The seconds what? 如何把您讲的东西用于分析Palantir(和Square)?第二个什么? What's with the i-Phone? iPhone上的... That's sort of a set of companies that are doing different copycat payment systems on mobile phones. 噢,这些公司只是把这些支付系统简单拷贝到移动设备上了 There's Square, there's PayPal. They just have sort of different shapes. Square和Paypal。它们的区别 That's how they differentiate themselves. 只是读卡器的形状不同 One is a triangle, one is a square. And so you know... 一个是三角学,一个是方形,仅此而已 Maybe at some point the apes weren't out of shape or something like that. 也许有的时候,模仿者没有把形状考虑在内 But I think, Palantir we started with focus on the intelligence community which is small sub-market, Palantir是一家情报公司,市场很小 you had a proprietary technology that used a very different approach. 使用的专利技术非常不一样 Where it was focused on the human computer synthesis 我们专注于人工与电脑的结合 rather than the substitution, which I think is the dominant paradigm. 而不是市面上主流的用电脑替代人工的方法 So there's a whole set of things I would say on the market approach, and on the proprietary technology. 因此Palantir做到的是进入小的市场,以及拥有专利技术。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528032.html