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创业与企业发展 第110期:实际的市场

And so I would say, don't always go through the tiny little door that everyone's trying to rush through. 因此,我想对大家说的是,不要拘泥于大家都盯着的弹丸之地 Maybe go around the corner, and go through the vast gate that no one's taking. 也许下一个转角就会遇到没人发现的巨大机遇 Thank you very much. I guess there's time for, do you want to take a few questions? Sorry? 谢谢大家。有人想问问题吗?什么? Oh yes, people want to take, I'll take a few questions with few minutes time. Yeah, go ahead. 嗯,对。我用几分钟来回答几个问题。请讲 Since, yeah, as you mentioned, you already mentioned further competition often look similar 正如你所讲的更深层次的竞争看起来都是很相似的 because the narrative of people tell ourselves. 因为人们会撒谎进行掩饰 Do you have any ways to easily determine the difference 那么当一个主意比你的方法要好时 when your looking at an idea that is better than your own idea? 有简单的方法来确定之间的差异吗? Well I'd say the question I always try to focus on is what is the actual market? 我考虑这个问题的思路是实际的市场是怎样的? So not what's the narrative of the market, 要看市场是怎样的 because you can always tell a fictional story about a market that's much bigger or much smaller. 而不是创业者编的夸大或缩小的故事 But what is the real objective market? 但真实的市场是这样吗? So, it's always, yeah, you always try to figure it out. 因此当你认识到人们 And you realize people have incentives to powerfully distort these things. Yeah? 有充足的动机去撒谎时,你就会想去弄明白真实的市场是怎样的了,请讲 Which of the aspects of monopolies that you mentioned would you say is applicable to Google? 您提到的哪些方面的垄断在谷歌身上有所体现呢? Well they have network effects with the ad network. 他们在广告网络上具有网络效应 They had proprietary technology that gave them the initial lead, 他们的专利技术让他们得以腾飞 because they had the page rank algorithm which was sort of, 因为他们的网页排名算法 an order of magnitude better than any other search engine. 比当时的搜索引擎好的太多了 You have economies of scale, because of the need to store all these different sites. 此外还有规模经济,因为谷歌需要存储所有这些不同的网站 And at this point, you have brand, so Google has all four. 因此谷歌也就有了品牌效应,谷歌具备所有以上四点 Maybe the proprietary technology's somewhat weaker at this point. 也许专利技术不是那么突出 But, definitely, it had all four, and maybe three out of four now. 但不管怎么说4个要素它都具备了,至少3个方面非常好 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528031.html