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夏洛的网 第207期:最后一天(06)

But the rat was in no hurry. He began imitating Wilbur's voice. 可是老鼠不急不忙。它开始学威尔伯的口气说话。 "So it's 'Hurry up, Templeton,' is it?" He said. “又是‘赶快啊,坦普尔顿,’对吗?”它说, "Ho, ho. And what thanks do I ever get for these services, I would like to know? 嗬,嗬,嗬。我倒想知道,我帮了这么多忙,我得到过什么感谢呢? Never a kind word for old Templeton, 对老坦普尔顿一句好话也没有, only abuse and wisecracks and side remarks. 只有毁谤、讥讽和冷言冷语。 Never a kind word for a rat." 对老鼠一句好话也没有。” "Templeton," said Wilbur in desperation, “坦普尔顿,”威尔伯真是没辙了, "if you don't stop talking and get busy, “你再不停止叽叽咕咕,赶快一点, all will be lost, and I will die of a broken heart. Please climb up!" 那就全完了,我就要心碎而死。谢谢你,爬上去吧!” Templeton lay back in the straw. 坦普尔顿躺回麦草上去。 Lazily he placed his forepaws behind his head and crossed his knees, in an attitude of complete relaxation. 它懒洋洋地把前爪伸上去搁在头底下,交叉双膝,一副完完全全休息的样子。 "Die of a broken heart," he mimicked. “心碎而死,”它学口学舌说, "How touching! My, my! “多么感动人!唉呀,唉呀! I notice that it's always me you come to when in trouble. 我注意到了,一有麻烦你总是来找我。 But I've never heard of anyone's heart breaking on my account. Oh, no. 可我从来没听说有什么人为了我心碎。噢,没有。 Who cares anything about old Templeton?" 谁关心我坦普尔顿呢?” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528016.html