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BBC纪录片《南太平洋》 第170期:脆弱的天堂(19)

Tuna fishing has grown into an eight-billion dollar industry. 金枪鱼捕捞已经发展成一项八十亿美元的产业 And over four million tonnes of tuna are caught worldwide each year, a four-fold increase in as many decades. 每年在全世界有超过四百万吨金枪鱼被捕捞 每十年增加四倍 Almost two-thirds of the catch now comes from the Pacific. 目前有几乎三分之二是来自太平洋 In the Atlantic, yellowfin catches have been shrinking since 1990. 在大西洋 黄鳍金枪鱼的捕获量 自1990年以后就一直下降 Now a similar decline has begun in the Pacific. 现在相似的减少已经在太平洋开始 Tuna need to swim constantly to keep water flowing over their gills, otherwise they can't breathe. 金枪鱼需要持续游动 使海水流过它们的鳃 否则它们不能呼吸 The fishermen want to get them out of the water as quickly as possible. 渔工要尽快地把他们弄出水 When starved of oxygen, a build-up of lactic acid in their muscles causes the quality of their meat to deteriorate. 当缺氧时 它们的肌肉中会有乳酸形成 导致肉质恶化 The fish are scooped up from the water, a tonne or two at a time. 鱼被捞出水 每次一两吨 Every last fish from this school of 7,000 yellowfin and skipjack tuna is plucked from the water. 这个7,000尾的黄鳍金枪鱼和鲣鱼鱼群中的 每一条鱼都被拖出水面 With fishing techniques now so efficient, and with ever more vessels plying the Pacific, 今天捕渔技术的高效 加上越来越多往来于太平洋的渔船 there is real concern among biologists that even the resilient skipjack may begin to decline. 生物学家们真正担心的是 甚至恢复力强的鲣鱼也可能开始减少 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528015.html