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When researchers ask heroin addicts what's the toughest drug to quit, most say cigarettes. 当研究人员问海洛因成瘾者,他们最难戒掉的是什么大多数人说是香烟。 Yet in my country and many others,half of all the people who were ever addicted to cigarettes have quit without anyone being arrested or put in jail or sent to a treatment program by a prosecutor or a judge. 而在我的国家和许多其他国家,那半数曾对香烟上瘾、后来成功戒烟的人,都没有被逮捕或投入监狱,或者被检察官和法官送去戒毒所。 What did it were higher taxes and time and place restrictions on sale and use and effective anti-smoking campaigns. 带来这种成功的原因是高税收,对销售、使用的时间和空间的限制,以及有效的反吸烟运动。 Now, could we reduce smoking even more by making it totally illegal? Probably. 现在,我们可以通过立法完全禁止吸烟来进一步减少吸烟吗? 或许吧。 But just imagine the drug war nightmare that would result. 但不妨想想,可能导致的类似禁毒战争一样的噩梦。 So the challenges we face today are twofold. 所以,我们今天面临的挑战有两方面。 The first is the policy challenge of designing and implementing alternatives to ineffective prohibitionist policies,even as we need to get better at regulating and living with the drugs that are now legal. 第一,是政策挑战我们要设计和实施有效的替代方案,来取代无效的禁令,同时我们还需要更好地规范它学会跟这些(现在合法的)药物共存。 But the second challenge is tougher,because it's about us. 但第二个挑战就困难了,因为它是关于我们的。 The obstacles to reform lie not just out there in the power of the prison industrial complex or other vested interests that want to keep things the way they are,but within each and every one of us. 对这种改革的阻碍不只是存在于监狱工业体系的复杂状况和力量,或其他想保住自己既得利益的人希望一切保持一直以来的样子,而最主要是在于我们每个人。 It's our fears and our lack of knowledge and imagination that stands in the way of real reform. 我们的恐惧,我们的缺乏了解还有我们的想象力 这些才是改革路上真正的阻碍。 And ultimately, I think that boils down to the kids,and to every parent's desire to put our baby in a bubble,and the fear that somehow drugs will pierce that bubble and put our young ones at risk. 从根本上来说,我认为这都是为了孩子,因为每一位家长都希望自己的宝贝被保护在一个泡泡里,我们害怕毒品会以某种形式刺破这个泡泡把我们的年轻一辈置于危险之中。 In fact, sometimes it seems like the entire War on Drugs gets justified as one great big child protection act,which any young person can tell you it's not. 其实,有时候看起来整个禁毒战争好像很正当因为它是一个伟大的大型的儿童保护行动,然而任何一个年轻人都会告诉你,事实并非如此。 So here's what I say to teenagers. 因此,这里我要对年轻人说: First, don't do drugs. 第一,不要吸毒。 Second, don't do drugs. 第二,不要吸毒。 Third, if you do do drugs,there's some things I want you to know,because my bottom line as your parent is,come home safely at the end of the night and grow up and lead a healthy and good adulthood. 第三,如果你非要吸毒,有一些事情是我想让你知道的,因为我作为父母能够接受的底线是:每天晚上平平安安地回到家里,要好好长大,过一种健康的、美好的成年生活。 That's my drug education mantra: Safety first. 这是我的禁毒教育口头禅:安全第一。 So this is what I've dedicated my life to,to building an organization and a movement of people who believe we need to turn our backs on the failed prohibitions of the past and embrace new drug policies grounded in science,compassion, health and human rights,where people who come from across the political spectrum and every other spectrum as well,where people who love our drugs,people who hate drugs,and people who don't give a damn about drugs,but every one of us believes that this War on Drugs,this backward, heartless, disastrous War on Drugs,has got to end. 所以,这就是我一生致力于做的事,要建立一个组织,推动一个运动,让人们相信,我们应该转身放弃以前失败的禁令,去接受一个基于科学、爱心、健康和尊重人权的新药物政策,我们的成员来自不同的政治派别,拥有各种不同的背景,有喜欢毒品的人,有痛恨毒品的人,还有根本不在乎毒品的人,但我们每个人都相信:禁毒战争,这个落后的、无情的、灾难性的禁毒战争必须得结束了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528010.html