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原味人文风情: Four Tips on How to Order at a Bar 在酒吧点酒的四个诀窍 How to Order at a Bar: Get Their Attention 如何在酒吧点酒:吸引他们的注意力 The best way to get a bartender's attention would probably be by just staring. Just if you watch the bartender, we'll acknowledge that you're looking our way and we'll approach you. 吸引酒保注意力最好的方式可能就只是盯着看。如果你看着酒保,我们会发觉到你往我们这边看,然后我们就会去找你们。 CRIptaccess="never" menu="false" loop="false" play="true" wmode="transparent" src="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMjkwNDY1MDY0MA==/v.swf" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> How to Order at a Bar: Things to Avoid 如何在酒吧点酒:地雷事项 A lot of the times, people will wave their money in your face. And like, I'm not a prostitute, so... The best way again is just to stare. Another way—people would just wave in your face while you're pouring drinks and, like, just distract you. And, if you know my name, don't yell it out five times. I can hear you. 许多时候,人们会在你面前挥舞着他们的钱。嗯,我又不是援交妹,所以... 再次强调,最好的方式就是盯着看。另一种方式--人们会在你倒酒的时候在你面前挥手,嗯,很让你分心。而且,如果你知道我的名字,不要吼五次。我有长耳朵。 How to Order at a Bar: Ordering Your Drinks 如何在酒吧点酒:点酒类饮料 Know your order. So, once you arrive at the bar, you ask your friends what do they want, and then you go to the bartender, and you tell her right away, as soon as she approaches you, what you want. Let's say you want three vodka sodas, two gin and tonics, and one cosmo—that's how you should order it. Combine your orders together so it makes easier for us. 知道自己要点什么。一旦你抵达酒吧,问你的朋友想喝什么,然后去找酒保,然后在她走向你时马上说你要什么。好比说,你要三杯伏特加汽水、两杯琴汤尼,还要一杯柯梦波丹鸡尾酒--就是要那样点。要喝什么全一起点,这样我们比较好做事。 Also, probably have your money ready when I bring you the drinks. And if you're paying with a credit card, and you know you're gonna come back for another drink, just leave it at the bar, open the tab. We're really responsible with our tabs. We make sure that no one else orders unless it's you that comes to us. We remember your faces. Because if you're gonna come back every time for one drink and order with a credit card, we're gonna have to pass that credit card every time, and that's again...it's just a waste of time. 另外,在我给你的酒时,可能要准备好你的钱。如果你要刷卡,而且你知道你还会再回来加点,把它留在吧台就好,把账单打开。我们对账单很谨慎。我们会确保除了你以外,没人会用它来点酒。我们记得你们的脸。因为如果你每次回来都要用信用卡点单,我们每次都要刷那张信用卡,再重申一遍...那只是浪费时间而已。 How to Order at a Bar: Befriend the Bartender 如何在酒吧点酒:跟酒保做朋友 If you want to get to know the bartender, the best thing to do is not to talk to her while she's rushing—probably before the rush or after the rush. Once again, if you want to order something, you just do it fast and she'll remember that you cooperated very well with the order, so she'll probably, you know, be interested in having a conversation with you at the end of the night if you approach her and talk to her. 如果你想要认识酒保,最好不要在她很忙的时候跟她说话--可能在人潮蜂拥前或是人潮散去后比较好。再说一次,如果你要点东西,你只要动作迅速一点,她就会记得你点餐的时候配合度很高,因此她可能就会,你知道,有兴趣在整晚结束之后跟你讲话,如果你有上前攀谈的话。 Bartenders' job is basically to make sure that all the clients are satisfied, and they have their drinks. So, to make it easier for the customer and the bartender, just make sure that you're prepared. 酒保的工作基本上就是要确保所有顾客都满意,而且都有喝到自己点的酒。所以,要让顾客跟酒保都轻松方便的话,只要确保你准备好就好了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527952.html