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美国语文第五册 第180期:威廉-泰尔(05)

The court, my lord? 法庭吗,老爷? And send To tell the headsman to make ready. Quick! 派人通知法官做好准备,快去! The slave shall die! 那奴隶很快将被处死! You marked the boy? I did. He started; 't is his father. 你注意到那孩子表情吗?我确实看到,他感到吃惊;那家伙就是他父亲。 We shall see. Away with him! 我们来看看,把孩子给我带走! Tell says: Stop! Stop! What would you? 泰尔说:慢着!慢着!你要做什么? Time,—A little time to call my thoughts together! 给我点时间,让我想一下! Thou shalt not have a minute. 你没有时间了。 Some one, then, to speak with. 我有话要说, Hence with him! 把他带走! A moment! Stop! Let me speak to the boy. 等会,停一下!我想和那孩子说句话。 Is he thy son? 他是你儿子? And if He were, art thou so lost to nature, as To send me forth to die before his face? 如果他是我儿子,你们难道这么丧尽天良,让我在他的面前被处死? Well! speak with him. 好!和那孩子说吧。 Now, Sarnem, mark them well. 萨勒姆,你可要把他们看好咯! Tell says: Thou dost not know me, boy; and well for thee Thou dost not. 泰尔说:孩子,你不认识我,即使这样,没关系。 I'm the father of a son About thy age. 我的儿子和你差不多大, Thou, I see, wast horn, like him, upon the hills: 我看着你,就像看他一样,你们都是大山的孩子。 If thou shouldst 'scape thy present thraldom, he May chance to cross thee; 如果万一你能逃出这里,他或许能遇见你; if he should, I pray thee Relate to him what has been passing here, 如果你们能见面,我请求你告诉他这里发生的事情, And say I laid my hand upon thy head, And said to thee, if he were here, as thou art, Thus would I bless him. 告诉他,我把手就是这样放到你的头顶,对你这样说话,如果他在这里,也会和你现在一样,因此,我真心地祝福你。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527943.html