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美国语文第五册 第179期:威廉-泰尔(04)

That step—that step—that little step, so light Upon the ground, 那脚步声,轻轻地一点点走近了, how heavy does it fall Upon my heart! I feel my child! 却是重重地踩在我的心上。孩子呀,我能感觉你过来了。 (Enter Sarnem with Albert, whose eyes are riveted on Tell’s bow, which Sarnem carries.) (萨勒姆带着阿尔伯特走了进来,阿尔伯特眼睛紧紧盯着萨勒姆手上拿着的弓弩。) This he! We can but perish. 就是他!大家都愣住了。 Albert says: (Aside.) Yes; I was right. It is my father's bow! 阿尔伯特说,(闪到一边)是的,我没看错,就是我爸爸的弓箭! For there's my father! I'll not own him though! 虽然我还没看见我爸爸,他一定在这里! See! What? Look there! 看那边!哪儿?那边! I do, what would you have me see? Thy father. 我看了,你让我看谁呀?你爸爸呀! Who? That—that my father? 谁?那——那是我爸爸? My boy! my boy! my own brave boy! He's safe! 孩子,我的孩子,勇敢的好孩子!他很好。 Sarnem says: (Aside to Gesler.) They're like each other. 萨勒姆说:(闪在一边对盖斯勒说)他们俩长得很像。 Gesler says: Yet I see no sign of recognition to betray the link Unites a father and his child. 盖斯勒说:我可看不出丝毫破绽,这父亲和孩子长得一点也不像。 My lord, I am sure it is his father. Look at them. 老爷,我相信那家伙就是那孩子父亲,你看他俩, That boy did spring from him; or never cast came from the mold it fitted! 那男孩确实与泰尔很像,否则怎会有同样的模子刻出来? It may be A preconcerted thing 'gainst such a chance. 虽然他们不过彼此冷淡地打量一下, That they survey each other coldly thus. 或许,那是他们事先想好的对策来应付这样场合。 We shall try. Lead forth the caitiff. 我们来查个究竟,带上那个混蛋。 To a dungeon? No; into the court. 去地牢?不,去法庭。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527942.html