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美国语文第五册 第178期:威廉-泰尔(03)

That's right! I'd have them like their hills, That never smile, 不错,我就是想让他们像大山那样,再也不会开口说话, though wanton summer tempt Them e'er so much. 尽管夏天万物繁茂,对他们来说诱惑实在太多。 But they do sometimes smile. 可他们经常还会说笑。 Ay! when is that? 哦,什么时候? When they do talk of vengeance. 每次谈起复仇的时候。 Vengeance? Dare they talk of that? 什么?他们敢说复仇? Ay, and expect it too. 哈,不仅谈论,还在指望。 From whence? From heaven! From heaven? 他们在哪里?他们在天上!在天上? And their true hands Are lifted up to it on every hill For justice on thee. 每一座山伸向真实的复仇双手,正义要求你血债血偿。 Where's thy abode? 你住在哪里? I told thee, on the mountains. 我告诉过你,在山上。 Art married? Yes. 你结婚了吗?是的。 And hast a family? A son. 家里还有别的人吗?一个儿子。 A son? Sarnem! My lord, the boy—(Gesler signs to Sarnem to keep silence, and, whispering, sends him off.) 儿子?萨勒姆!老爷,那孩子——(盖斯勒示意萨勒姆示意别声张,对他耳语几句,将他打发出去) The boy? What boy? Is't mine? and have they netted my young fledgeling? 孩子?谁的孩子?我的儿子?他们设计陷害我那不懂事的孩子? Now heaven support me, if they have! 他们这样做,老天会开眼的! He'll own me, And share his father's ruin! But a look Would put him on his guard—yet how to give it! 儿子会认同我,和他父亲一起面对灾难!可无论谁看他一眼,他也会立刻惊觉,怎么告诉他呢? Now heart, thy nerve; forget thou 'rt flesh, be rock. 我的宝贝!小心点,别害怕,坚强些。 They come, they come! 他们来了,他们来抓你了! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527639.html