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银行英语情景口语 第63期:外汇业务 结售汇业务(03)

A:Good afternoon. Can I help you? 下午好。我能帮您吗? B:Is it possible for me to buy some RMB at this counter? 我在这个柜台买一些人民币,行吗? A:Of course, that's no problem at all. 当然可以,完全没问题。 B:That's a relief! I was a little worried about it;I left England in a bit of a hurry. 那我就放心了!我刚才有点儿担心,我离开英国时有点儿仓促。 A:How much would you like to change? 您要换多少钱? B:Well, I'm only here for 3 days, so I think 500 GBP should be plenty. 嗯,我在这里只待3天,所以我想500英镑应该足够了。 A:Please fill in this exchange form, and I'll need to see your passport, and sign here. That's the money and your passport back. Of course, if you don't spend all of it,you can come back and we'd be happy to buy the local currency back from you. 请您填写这张兑换单,还有我需要看一下您的护照,并请在这里签字。 给您钱和您的护照。当然啦,如果您没有全部花完的话,您可以再到这儿,我们很乐意把您手里的本币买回来。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180104/525459.html