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当我有了目标 When I Have Target

As a student, my main target is to study well and then make progress step by step. When holiday comes, it is time for me to play, and I should be happy, while playing all the time makes me feel empty in my heart. I have done nothing at all. I want to do something meaningful to enrich my life. So a target is needed for me. I set a small goal, such as, read a book, or help my mother with her work. Everytime when I finish my target, I will feel so satisfied. The meaningful life is to do something useful and make you feel happy.  作为一名学生,我的主要目标是好好学习,然后一步一步地取得进步。但当假期来临的时候,我可以出去玩了,我是应该高兴的,但是一直玩耍让我觉得心里有点空虚。我什么事情都没做,我想做一些有意义的事情来丰富我的生活。我需要一个目标。我设定一个小目标,比如读一本书,或者帮我妈妈做点事。每次当我完成我的目标时,我都会感到心满意足。有意义的生活在于做些有用的事,让自己感到快乐。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171201/When-I-Have-Target.html