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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 1 Join a club [00:21.39]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:27.64]Where do you go if you want to play soccer? [00:31.71]Have you ever heard of a soccer club, [00:35.37]especially one for primary and high school students? [00:40.05]Let's see waht Daniel is saying. [00:43.89]Daniel:You look bored,Li Meng.I've got some sports magazines. [00:50.05]Do you want to read some? [00:53.00]Li Meng:Thanks,but I don't feel like reading anything right now. [00:58.46]I'm thinking of doing something outdoors. [01:02.54]Daniel:Speaking of the great outdoors,are you interested in joining a soccer club? [01:08.39]Li Meng:Well,I'd love to play more soccer but I don't know anything about a club. [01:14.84]Daniel:It's like this,you see. [01:18.08]I belong to a soccer club called The Olympic Junior Soccer Club. [01:23.51]We meet twice a week after school and practice together. [01:28.35]Then on Saturday morning our team plays against a team from another soccer club. [01:34.88]Li Meng:That sounds good.Can I join the club? [01:39.34]Daniel:Of course. [01:42.09]The club has more than two hundred players and eighteen teams in all. [01:47.96]Li Meng:It's pretty big.How can I sign up for it? [01:52.64]Daniel:I suppose you can give the club a call [01:56.58]and ask them to send you a membership appication form. [02:01.76]Li Meng:Right.I'll do that.Thanks for the advice. [02:06.72]Daniel:Sure.Now,do you feel like a glass of coke? [02:11.87]Li Meng:Yeah.Thank.That's just what I need.Let me get the glasses for us. [02:18.03]6.Listen and read. [02:22.99]Have you got a talent? [02:26.16]Some people are better singers,while some are better soccer players. [02:32.40]In schools,some strdents are good at maths while some are good at history. [02:38.96]Why?People are different. [02:43.63]We are different for a few reasons but mainly because we have different parents, [02:50.08]we live in different environments [02:53.74]and some people put more effort into improving themselves. [02:59.02]We therefore have different strengths and weaknesses. [03:04.19]The difference in our strenghts and weaknesses means [03:08.55]that even if people make the same efforts, [03:13.41]their achievements will probably be different. [03:17.96]If a child is gifted in art, [03:21.93]he or she should devote more time and other resources [03:26.97]to learning art by attending more art training programs, [03:32.61]visiting more art galleries and learning from better artists. [03:38.46]In this way, [03:41.34]he or she can further develop himself or herself and finally become an expert. [03:48.60]Not everybody is talented.But everybody can achieve something. [03:55.15]Achievements come from hard work and constant learning. [04:00.40]If we set our minds on doing a particular thing,I'm sure that we can do it well. [04:07.64]An example may be,learning to spell a new word. [04:13.07]If we study the word carefully and associate the word with our daily life, [04:18.82]this word can be easily learned by heart.Other things are also the same. [04:25.77]Playing tennis, [04:28.70]taking a course and learning to use a computer all need time, [04:34.36]practice and dedication. [04:38.31]With hard work,ordinary people can become talented people. [04:44.26]Without hard work,talented people may become dull and lethargic. [04:51.24]14.Listen and write. [04:56.20]Listen to the following telephone numbers and write them down. [05:35.46]Unit 2 My portfolio [05:40.43]1.Listen and read. [05:44.82]Have you heard of something called a"portfotio"? What is it? [05:50.56]Why do so many students in other countries talk about their portfolios? [05:56.73]Read this diatogue and find out. [06:00.59]Li Meng:Daniel,have you got a portfolio? [06:04.64]Daniel:Yes,I've got several.Which course are you talking about? [06:09.92]Li Meng:English.But can I take a look at all your portfolios? [06:15.48]What do they look like? [06:18.36]Daniel:Let's see.They should be on the bookshelf back in our room. [06:23.71]Shall we go up?Why do you ask me about them? [06:28.36]Li Meng:Sure.You see,in our English class today, [06:33.43]our teacher showed us a few portfolios she collected last year [06:38.99]and asked us to make one of our own. [06:42.94]Daniel:I see.It's good for evaluating your work and your ability. [06:49.21]Your teacher will ask to see it in the middle of the term. [06:54.17]Li Meng:That's what we were told...Oh,your portfolios look great, [07:00.13]but which courses have you prepared them for? [07:04.18]Daniel:This big one is for my art class and this for history [07:09.82]and this portfolio is also for the English course...See? [07:15.57]The best assignments I've done. [07:19.43]Li Meny:You mean you didn't put all your assignments in? [07:23.79]Daniel:No.Our teacher asked us to put in four assinments we thought we did well. [07:30.04]Li Meng:Your folder looks so good and all the assignments are so neat. [07:35.60]Daniel:That;s what we're supposed to do:present the best we have. [07:40.88]Li Meng:Thanks for the tip.I think I'll go to a shop and choose a folder first. [07:46.83]What is a portfolio? [07:50.18]A portfolio is a set of pictures(drawings or photos)and [07:56.53]or some writing either bound in book form or loose in a folder. [08:02.87]The portfolio desCRIbed here is a folder [08:07.92]which is used to collect students'assignments. [08:12.77]4.Listen,read and act. [08:17.92]Did you know that you need to put a"self-assessment" [08:22.67]in your portfolio to say how you finished an assignment; [08:28.32]how well you think you've done and the changes you'd like to make to improve it? [08:34.66]Let's see what Li Meng is doing. [08:38.50]Xiaohong:What are you writing there,Li Meng? [08:42.58]Li Meng:I'm working on my self-assessment. [08:46.55]Xiaohong:Self what? [08:49.29]Li Meng:Self-assessment.It means I'm judging how well I've done. [08:54.94]Remember I wrote about my soccer match once? [08:59.59]Xiaohong:Yeah,I remember you writing and re-writing it again and again. [09:04.94]Li Meng:Now,I'm writing down how I got my ideas, [09:09.98]how I wrote it and how I can improve it. [09:14.55]Xiaohong:Oh,I know.It's like being your own teacher. [09:19.52]Li Meng:Yeah.That's what's so nice about self-assessment:it makes you think. [09:25.86]7.Listen,read and answer. [09:32.03]Learning is like a journey [09:35.69]There are times in our lives when we remember. [09:41.43]Remembering the good things about the past is a most precious time; [09:47.91]these memories are always in the corner of my mind. [09:53.06]When I was four years old,I used to go to a kindergarten. [09:58.31]I had many toys and friends that made me laugh and cry. [10:03.77]The teachers were kind and patient. [10:07.92]They taught us many interesting songs and games. [10:12.47]We played all day long.Big wooden blocks,paper puppets, [10:19.00]balls and crayons were our best companions. [10:24.07]Although we did not know what learning was at that time, [10:29.32]we were learning every day.When I was seven years old,I started primary school. [10:37.07]I was very excited because I became a school pupil [10:42.53]and began to learn school subjects. [10:47.21]Nearly every subject caught my attention.However,my favourite subject was science. [10:54.97]I remembered the first day that our science teacher told [11:00.11]us the sun was like a big fire ball which was very,very far away. [11:07.19]Nobody could stay close to that"ball". [11:11.56]We were quite surprised and kept our mouths open. [11:17.33]We began to wonder at the size of the universe. [11:22.19]Afterwards,more ideas about weather,aeroplanes,railways,campfires,wildlife, [11:31.25]dexerts and even pollution came to our ears.We began to learn carefully. [11:38.80]When I was about ten years old,I knew quite a lot o fthings. [11:44.57]I began to read newspapewrs,keep a diary, [11:49.33]visit museums and most of all,make many friends. [11:55.57]Every day was something new.Every day was interesting and exciting. [12:02.23]Now I am in the middle school.Each day is new to me. [12:08.11]Happily I am still learning which is like a journey to me. [12:13.26]I have finished the first part,and there is still a long way for me to go. [12:19.32]Hopefully I will become a learned person someday. [12:24.88]10.Listen,read and act. [12:29.95]Mrs,Davis is preparing dinner in the kitchen [12:34.49]when Li Meng and Xiaohong come back home. [12:39.07]Mrs.Davis:Hello,kids.You're back early today. [12:44.03]Li Meng:Yeah.I want to relax a bit. [12:48.18]Mrs.Davis:I noticed you'd been busy these past few days. [12:53.43]Why are you relaxing now? [12:56.96]Xiaohong:He got a good grade for the portfolio [13:00.93]he put together for his English class [13:04.98]and he thinks relaxing one afternoon is the best way to reward himself. [13:10.91]Mrs.Davis:Good for you,Li Meng.What's your portfolio like? [13:15.98]Have you got it with you? [13:19.14]Li Meng:Yeah.Here you are. [13:22.38]I chose a green folder and put my best writing assignments in order. [13:28.86]Mrs.Davis:Isn't this beautiful!I'm really proud of you. [13:33.82]Xiaohong:I think I'll get a few folders and get my things organized too. [13:39.28]12.Listen and fill in the blanks. [13:44.56]1.Ken:That's___!You did a really good______with this,Michael! [13:51.32]Michael:_____a lot! [13:54.27]2.Alice:This was a_____meal,Jane!I loved every bit of it! [14:00.93]Janet:Oh,I'm____you liked it.I found the recipe in the Straits Times last week. [14:07.28]3.Ken:That's a ______idea,Neville! [14:12.56]Neville:I'm_____,Ken,to get______from an expert like you! [14:18.02]4.Jenny:What a_____house you have! [14:23.37]Jeff:I'm really_____with it! [14:27.32]5.Mary:You look_____in this dress,Ann! [14:33.06]Ann:It's nice,isn't it?I bought it in a little boutique in________. [14:38.94]14.Let's sing. [14:43.07]Smelling the flowers [14:47.90]It's Sunday morning,and the sun is shining. [15:12.14]The sky is blue and the birds are singing. [15:22.31]Many people are in the park and they are strolling. [15:30.56]Some boys are kicking the ball and some girls are watching. [15:38.40]Some old men are playing chess and some women are dancing. [15:46.34]Some young people are smelling the flowers. [15:54.28]Some children are sliding and some mothers are chatting. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171126/514449.html