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五、非谓语动词的其他考点 1.接不定式或动名词做宾语都可以,但在意思上有区别的动词的用法 mean to do想要(做某事) propose to do 打算(做某事) mean doing意味(做某事) propose doing建议(做某事) forget to do忘记(要做的事) remember to do记得(要做某事) forget doing忘记(已做的事) remember doing记得(已做过的事) go on to do继而(做另一件事) stop to do停下来去做另一件事 go on doing继续(做原来的事) stop doing停止正在做的事 regret to do(对将要做的事)遗憾 regret doing(对已做过的事)后悔 2.不定式的习惯用法 句型:cannot help but do cannot but do cannot choose but do can do nothing but do have no choice/alternative but to do 上述句型的意思接近,即“不得不做”、“不禁做”、“不由自主地做”、“不能不做”、“只能做”。如: Nobody can help but be fascinated by the world into which he is taken by the science fiction. When I consider how talented he is as a painter, I cannot help but believe that the public will appreciate his gift. 3.动名词的习惯用法 句型:be busy/active doing sth. have difficulty/trouble/problem doing sth. It’s no good/use/picnic doing sth. have a good/great/wonderful time doing sth. spend/waste time doing sth. There is no point/sense/harm/ use doing sth. cannot help doing sth. There is no doing sth. I know it isn’t important but I can’t help thinking about it. Alice was having trouble controlling the children because there were so many of them. There is no use crying over spilt milk. 4.there be 非谓语动词的用法 (1)做宾语时取决于谓语动词的持续要求。如: The students expected there to be more reviewing classes before the final exams.(expect要求接不定式做宾语) (2)做目的状语或程度状语时用for there to be,做其他状语用there being。如: For there to be successful communication, there must be attentiveness and involvement in the discussion itself by all present. (for there to be…在句中做目的状语) It isn’t cold enough for there to be a frost tonight, so I can leave Jim’s car out quite safely. (for there to be…在句中做程度状语) There being no further questions, we’ll stop here today. (there being…做原因状语) (3)引导主语用for there to be。如:It is unusual for there to be no late comers today. (4)做除for外的介词宾语,用there being。如: He would always ignore the fact of there being such a contradiction in his inner thought.  来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151120/297053.html