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26.see / hear / watch / notice sb. do ( doing) sth. 看见 / 听见某人做某事 /正在做某事 能听见她在隔壁房间里唱歌吗? Can you hear her singing next door / in the next room? 27.sth. be two meters (years) long (old) …两米长 /…两岁大 长城大约6,700 千米长。 The Great Wall is about 6,700 kilometers long. 28.It’s important / difficult / easy /convenient/ necessary / possible / impossible for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人来说很重要 / 困难 / 容易 方便/ 有必要 / 可能 / 不可能 对小孩子来说,养金鱼很容易。 It’s easy for kids to keep goldfish. 对学生们来说,每天有足够的睡眠很有必要。 It’s necessary for students to have enough sleep every day. 29.One…the other…/Some… others… 一个…另外一个(两个中)/ 一些…一些 老师进来了。我看见他一只手拿着书,另一只手里拿的什么? The teacher came in. There’s a book in one hand and what’s in his other hand? 有的家长认为应该允许学生上网,而有的家长则不同意。 Some parents think students should be allowed to surf the Internet, while others don’t agree. 30.used to do/be… 过去常常 她过去常常害怕孤独。 She used to be afraid of being alone. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20140626/180449.html