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1.not…at all 根本不,一点也不 我一点儿也不同意你的观点。 I don’t agree with you at all. 2.neither…nor…既不…也不 他和我都没有去参加昨天晚上的晚会。 Neither he nor I went to the party last night. 3.keep / make sth./ sb +adj. 保持/使某物怎么样 请保持教室的清洁。 Please keep the classroom clean. 4.not only…but also… 不但…而且 不但你而且他都要去老年之家作志愿者。 Not only you but (also) he is going to volunteer at the old people’s home. 帮助别人不但让我感觉好,而且我可以有机会去做我喜欢做的事情。 Not only do I feel good about helping others, but (also) I get to spend time doing what I love to do. 5.not…until… 直到…才 今天早上直到九点钟他才起床。 He didn’t get up until nine o’clock this morning. 6.so …that… 如此…以至于…( 加从句) 当地人说英语说得太快,我们根本听不懂。 The native people spoke English so fast that I couldn’t understand them. 7.such (a) +adj.+n. that… 如此…以至于… ( 加从句) 那是一部很有趣的电影,我看了两遍。 It is such an interesting movie that I have seen it twice. = The movie is so interesting that I have seen it twice. 8.spend…on/(in)doing sth. 在某事上花时间/ 花时间做某事 你们每周花多长时间从事体育活动? How long do you spend on sports every week? = How long do you spend playing sports every week? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20140624/180087.html