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牛津高三英语下学期:Chapter One

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:-1.00]Ever since the beginning of history, [00:-2.00]people have dreamed of interplanetary travel. [00:-3.00]For centuries, [00:-4.00]these dreams have remained dreams.But within about 30 years from now, [00:-5.00]the first people from Earth will have landed on Mars. [00:-6.00]And by the year 2170,people will have established cities and industries. [00:-7.00]You see,scientists are now making plans to transform Mars [00:-8.00]so that it will become possible for humans to live and work there. [00:-9.00]Those dreams will finally come true. [00:10.00]2.Mars has always fascinated us. [00:11.00]These are many stories and films about 'Men from Mars' attacking Earth. [00:12.00]Unfortunately,the unmanned spacecraft [00:13.00]which we sent there in 1976 found no signs of life on the Red Planet [00:14.00](so called because it is covered in iron oxide). [00:15.00]3.in many ways, Mars is the planet which is most similar to Earth. [00:16.00]A Martian day lasts for about 24,1/2 hours [00:17.00](although a year has 687 days), [00:18.00]it is about half the diameter of Earth, [00:19.00]and although there is no water, [00:20.00]there is a lot of ice in the two polar ice caps. [00:21.00]Even though the average temperature is -60℃ [00:22.00]it would be possible for humans to survive there. [00:23.00](Whereas Venus, for example, [00:24.00]has an average temperature of 465°C, [00:25.00]which makes it completely uninhabitable.) [00:26.00]4.The plan which scientists are now developing [00:27.00]involves a process known as "terraforming " Mars, [00:28.00]i.e.,changing Mars so that it becomes more like Earth. [00:29.00]Ironically,this means using the 'greenhouse effect' [00:30.00](which we are trying to stop on Earth). [00:31.00]The suggested programme would have five main stages. [00:32.00]5.Stage 1 (AD 2015-2030) [00:33.00]The first expedition arrives on Mars, [00:34.00]after a journey of about six to nine months. [00:35.00]The members construct subterranean buildings and stay on Mars for about a year. [00:36.00]They conduct experiments,look for good sites for future landings, [00:37.00]and also check for signs of life. [00:38.00]They need to wear spacesuits because 95% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxde. [00:39.00]But the low gravity (one-third of Earth's) [00:40.00]means they are able to move around easily. [00:41.00]6.Stage 2(2030-2080) More expeditions narrive. [00:42.00]Huge solar mirrors are put in orbit around Mars to heat the polar ice caps. [00:43.00]The ice caps are sprayed black,so that they do not reflect the heat away. [00:44.00]Chemicals are released into the air. [00:45.00]As a result,the atmosphere becomes thicker and retains more of the Sun's heat [00:46.00]The 'greenhouse effect 'begins.The ice caps start to melt,releasing water vapour. [00:47.00]The temperature rises to -40'C.7. [00:48.00]Stage 3 (2080-2115) [00:49.00]Next, special plants are Introduced from Earth. [00:50.00]These can convert carbon dioxide Into oxygen. [00:51.00]The first clouds appear,and the sky slowly turns from pink to blue. [00:52.00]The temperature goes up to -15°C8. [00:53.00]Stage 4 (2115-2130) [00:54.00]The warming continues,melting more ice. [00:55.00]Rivers and small oceans are made. [00:56.00]More people migrate from Earth and live In towns [00:57.00]Forests of trees are planted. [00:58.00]Mars is looking greener. [00:59.00]The temperature is 0°C .9. [-1:00.00]Stage 5 (2130-2170) [-1:-1.00]Mars is getting more like the Earth. [-1:-2.00]The amount of oxygen in the air rises, [-1:-3.00]and at last the air becomes breathable. [-1:-4.00]The inhabitants can go outside without spacesuits. [-1:-5.00]The temperature reaches 10°C and stays at that level. [-1:-6.00](Since Mars is 228 million km from the Sun,it can never be as warm as Earth.) [-1:-7.00]Cities, farms and industries develop all over Mars. [-1:-8.00]The transformation Is complete. [-1:-9.00]INTEGRATED SKILLS [-1:10.00]Exam tasks [-1:11.00]Task One [-1:12.00]Come to the Skytops Hotel for the holiday of a life time! [-1:13.00]The fabulous Skytops Hotel offers the opportunity [-1:14.00]to be one of the first tourists in space! [-1:15.00]Obviously, such a holiday does come cheap. [-1:16.00]The price is about four times the cost of a week's holiday In Hawaii,for example. [-1:17.00]However,taking this holiday you will become [-1:18.00]one of the first 1,000 people to travel into space. [-1:19.00]When you consider that this holiday will give you the chance to be part of history [-1:20.00]we are confident that you will think it is good value for money. [-1:21.00]From our launch site in California,you will be flown up to the Skytops Hotel, [-1:22.00]which is in around Earth,as part of Space Station One[-1:23.00]There,you will spend seven amazing days. [-1:24.00]You will have the opportunity to: eat in the Head of the World Restaurant [-1:25.00]use our powerful telescopes to look on Earth. [-1:26.00]have fun in our zero gravity 'swimming npool',flying like a plane. [-1:27.00]tour the rest of Space Station One [-1:28.00]talk the scientists and observe their fascinating experiments in progress. [-1:29.00]Don't delay, book your holiday at the Skytops Hotel today. [-1:30.00]It's out for this world! [-1:31.00]Task Two Listening [-1:32.00]Speaking [-1:33.00]A Selent Letters:w,l,t,b and p [-1:34.00]Remember,silent letters are letters which are written but not pronounced. [-1:35.00]The letters in bold type below are silent letters. [-1:36.00]Exercise A1 w:two,wrist,wreck,answer,sword [-1:37.00]l: half,calf,salmon,calm,folk,yolk [-1:38.00]t: castle,whistle,bristle,ballet [-1:39.00]b: limb,crumb,doubt,bomb,debt [-1:40.00]p: receipt,cupboard,psychology, pneumonia [-1:41.00]Exercise A3 [-1:42.00]1.The psychologist wrote a note on her typewriter. [-1:43.00]2.The plumber fastened the tap tightly. [-1:44.00]3.The salmon wriggled in the net. [-1:45.00]4.Please wrap this piece of lamb in some paper. [-1:46.00]5.The wrestler seized my limbs. [-1:47.00]6.Add two egg yolks and some breadcrumbs. [-1:48.00]7.The whole of my palm felt numb. [-1:49.00]PROGRESS FILEA A Listening Exercise A1 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130511/119169.html