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牛津高三英语下学期:Chapter Four

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:02.90]Reading Page 64 and 65 [00:09.46]The Wonders of Dolphins [00:13.90]1.Here's a true story.In June 1990, Keith,Steve and Dave, three friends, [00:25.16]were fishing about 35 miles off the east coast of America when their boat sank [00:34.22]They clung to the boat praying for rescue. [00:39.26]The hours went by.Night came. [00:44.72]2.'We had been thinking about sharks all night,'said Keith. [00:50.99]'The next morning a really big fish approached. [00:56.14]I asked Steve,"Do you know what that fish is?"He said it was a shark. [01:03.90]But just then,suddenly there were dolphins all around us [01:10.66]They pushed the shark,and drove it away. [01:15.83]Steve said,"Tell them to go and get help,"so I said,"Hey, Flipper,go get help [01:25.19]and the dolphins all disappeared. [01:28.95]Thirty minutes later they came back,bringing a coastguard boat with them.' [01:35.71]3.The men were rescued [01:38.87]The coastguards told them [01:42.43]that the dolphins swam in front of the boat all the way until they located them [01:49.58]Keith believes absolutely that God sent the dolphins to save him and his friends [01:57.52]Others would say that the dolphins acted on their own,without divine orders [02:04.79]Why they acted like this is a mystery to most people. [02:10.43]4.The Ancient Greeks certainly believed that dolphins were very special [02:17.09]They believed dolphins could think and act like humans, [02:23.26]and had many stories of dolphins befriending young boys [02:29.03]and saving sailors by towing them to the shore. [02:34.88]In their days,the penalty for killing a dolphin was death. [02:41.12]5.In modern times,we know a number of scientific facts about dolphins [02:48.39]We know that they are mammals, not fish. [02:52.83]They must come up to the surface to breathe air [02:57.50]They can live to about 35 or 45. [03:02.96]They are among the most intelligent animals in the world, [03:08.53]with good memories,and can be trained to follow complicated sets of commands [03:15.79]They use a system like sonar to locate objects, [03:21.95]and they communicate with each other. [03:26.03]6.One other feature of their behaviour is famous. [03:30.78]They are the only wild animal that seeks out and befriends people,voluntarily [03:38.33]In the past 50 years,there are perhaps a dozen or more examples [03:45.59]of individual dolphins around the coasts of Europe, [03:50.84]America and New Zealand which have regularly approached people [03:57.82]and played games with them, and offered them 'unconditional love'. [04:03.98]7.We have not repaid them well. [04:08.24]Fishermen kill many thousands of dolphins each year. [04:13.39]These days fishermen use nets desCRIbed as'walls of death'. [04:20.47]They vacuum all the fish from the sea.Only emptiness remains. [04:27.83]Although dolphins are not the intended prey, [04:33.29]there is no chance that they can escape. [04:37.55]8.One famous television series from 1962 [04:43.72]is also unintentional ly to blame for the suffering of many dolphins. [04:50.35]In my boyhood, [04:53.38]I remember watching the funny adventures of 'Flipper the dolphin [04:58.81]and his friend Sandy. [05:02.05]The cute dolphin show was so popular that people wanted to see real dolphins [05:01.05]and as a result dolphinaria were built throughout America, [05:00.05]and many more dolphins were captured and imprisoned inside them. [04:59.05]9.In a few areas of the world,more enlightened people have discovered [04:58.05]that dolphins have hidden powers to heal people with mental problems. [04:57.05]Dr Horace Dobbs has introduced people with severe depression [04:56.05]to wild dolphins in the sea.The people go without fear. [04:55.05]The possibility that the dolphins might hurt them does not enter their minds [04:54.05]The dolphins seem to understand, [04:53.05]and look sympathetically into the eyes of the human patients, [04:52.05]whose conditions almost always improve. [04:51.05]People who have observed these experiments are very impressed with the results [04:50.05]10.Some enthusiasts believe that dolphins have almost supernatural powers [04:49.05]These people suggest that dolphins emit a wave of energy [04:48.05]that goes around the Earth. [04:47.05]They see the dolphins as magical creatures. [04:46.05]This is perhaps too extreme for most people, [04:45.05]but there is no doubt that they are wonderful animals, [04:44.05]and we still have much to learn from them. [04:43.05]LISTENING SKILLS [04:42.05]Page 69 and 70 [04:41.05]Understanding directions [04:40.05]Listen to the statement or short conversation.In the pause that follows [04:39.05]mark your answer in the appropriate place. [04:38.05]SPEAKINGPage 75 [04:37.05]A Saying words ending in a/l/sound[04:36.05]When you pronounce a word which ends in a/l/ sound, [04:35.05]make sure that the tip of your tongue touches the top of your mouth [04:34.05]just behind your teeth [04:33.05]The air goes past one or both sides of your tongue. [04:32.05]Do not use a/w/or a vowel sound instead of the final/l/sound. [04:31.05]A1 [04:30.05]1.tell call [04:29.05]pill bell [04:28.05]fool oil [04:27.05]full mile [04:26.05]2.middle little [04:25.05]final paddle [04:24.05]whistle couple [04:23.05]bottle apple [04:22.05]trouble [04:21.05]3.beautiful awful [04:20.05]careful [04:19.05]A2 [04:18.05]1.Please call the hotel and tell them all about the trouble. [04:17.05]2.In the final,the school will battle it out for the title. [04:16.05]3.There's and awful little bug in the middle of this beautiful apple. [04:15.05]4.In the mail,I got details of the sale of the jail. [04:14.05]5.Tell me if you see the pale tail of an unwell whale. [04:13.05]6.Jill and Phil sell daffodils in Brazil. [04:12.05]7.It'll be illegal to kill eagles. [04:11.05]8.The simple fool dropped his tools in a full pool. [04:10.05]PROGRESS FILE [04:09.05]Page 79 [04:08.05]A Listening [04:07.05]A1 Listen and choose the best answer to each question [04:06.05]A2.Listen to the conversation,and write the labels on the map of the hotel. [04:05.05]A3.Listen to the conversation, [04:04.05]and correct the information by crossing out the wrong details [04:03.05]and writing the new information above the line 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130510/119006.html