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英语口语8000句-在外用餐 ●在快餐厅里 要一个汉堡和一杯冰茶。 I'd like a hamburger and an iced tea. *iced tea因为发音相同,有时也可写成ice tea。 我要两个热狗。 May I have two hot dogs, please? May I have two hot dogs, please? (我要两个热狗。) Anything else? (还要别的吗?) Two hot dogs, please. 请加蕃茄酱和芥末。 With ketchup and mustard, please. 在这儿吃还是带走? Will that be for here or to go? *在快餐店服务员一定会问的问题。 For here or to go? 您带走吗? Will that be to go? Take-out? 您是在这儿吃吗? Will you be eating here? Will you be eating here? (您是在这儿吃吗?) I'd like it to go, please. (不,带走。) 带走。 To go, please. 在这儿吃。 For here, please. ●预订餐馆 这附近您能推荐家好吃的饭馆吗? Could you recommend a good restaurant near here? *recommend “推荐,建议”。 我想吃意大利菜。 I'd like some Italian food. 您推荐哪家饭馆? Which restaurant do you recommend? 这附近有墨西哥餐馆吗? Is there a Mexican restaurant around here? Is there a Mexican restaurant around here? (这附近有墨西哥餐馆吗?) Yes, there's one. (是的,有一家。) 最近的墨西哥餐馆在哪儿? Where is the closest Mexican restaurant? 这附近有没有还在营业的饭馆? Are there any restaurants still open near here? 我需要预订吗? Do I need a reservation? 您好,这是公园餐厅。我可以为您服务吗? Hello, this is the Park Restaurant. May I help you? 我想订餐。今天晚上6点,8个人的位子。 I'd like to make a reservation for eight people at six o'clock tonight. *make a reservation “预订”。 我们一共8个人。 We are a group of eight. 我想订八个人的餐。 I'd like to reserve a table for eight. I'd like to reserve a table for eight. (我想订餐8个人。) What time, sir? (什么时间的?) 我们能不能要张离乐队近一点儿的桌子? Could we have a table close to the band? *close to... “离……近一些”。 对不起,今天晚上都订满了。 I'm sorry. We're all booked up tonight. *用booked up或booked来表示“订满了”。 I'm sorry. We are quite full tonight. I'm sorry, all the tables are booked tonight. 要等多长时间? How long is the wait? How long do we have to wait? Is the wait long? (等得长吗?) 我们可以等。 We can wait. 可以预订几点的? What time can we make a reservation? *make a reservation “预订”。 一直营业到几点? How late are you open? *How late...? 表示“……到几点?” How late are you open? (一直开到几点?) Until eleven. (到11点。) 我怎么才能到那儿? How do I get there? 可以用信用卡吗? Do you accept credit cards? Do you take credit cards? 一顿饭多少钱? What is the price of a dinner course? 衣着上有什么规定吗? What is your dress code? *code “规定,规范”。 What is your dress code? (服装上有什么规定?) We require a jacket and tie. (要求穿外衣、打领带。) 我必须得穿外衣打领带吗? Should I wear a jacket and tie? *Should... “必须、应该……吗?”。 女性必须穿礼服吗? Should the ladies wear dresses? 请问您几位? How many in your group? We need a large table, please. (我们需要一张大桌子。) How many in your group? (请问您几位?) How many in your party? *这里的party不表示“聚会”,而表示“一行人,一群人”。 2个人。 Two. 对不起,我想取消订餐。 I'm sorry, but I have to cancel my reservation. ●点菜 请给我菜单。 Could I have a menu, please? May I see your menu, please? I'd like to see a menu, please. 有日语的菜单吗? Do you have a menu in Japanese? May I see a menu in Japanese? Do you have a Japanese menu? 请给我看一下酒单。 May I see the wine list, please? 你们都有些什么葡萄酒? What kind of wine do you have? What kind of wine do you have available? 点菜吗?/您来点点儿什么? May I take your order? May I take your order? (您来点儿什么?) Well, let's see... (唔,让我想想……) What would you like? What will you have? Are you ready to order yet? (可以点菜了吗?) 有什么菜可以推荐的吗? What do you recommend? What do you recommend? (有什么菜可以推荐的吗?) The seafood is good here. (我们店的海鲜很可口。) What do you think I should order? What is your suggestion? What do you think is the best? What do you suggest I order? 我想要和那个一样的。 Can I have the same as that? Can I have the same as that? (我想要和那个一样的。) Sure, no problem. (好的,没问题。) 我要这个和这个。 I'll take this and this. *可以边指菜单,边轻松地点菜。 您这儿有什么地方风味吗? Do you have any local specialties? *local “这一地区的”,specialty “特色,特产”。 我们可以分别付款吗? Could we have separate checks? *separate “分开的,分别的”。 May we have separate checks? Could we pay separately? (我们可以各付各的吗?) We'd like to have separate checks. (我们想分别付款。) 我要一个60美元的晚餐包括酒水。 I'd like to have dinner for sixty dollars including drinks. *including...“包含……”。 我要一份牛排。 I'd like a steak. I want a steak. 我要红葡萄酒。 I'd like some red wine, please. 要几成熟的? How would you like it? How would you like it done? How would you like your steak cooked? How would you like your steak prepared? 烤熟点。 Well-done, please. *rare“三成熟(中嫩的)”,medium “适中的,半成熟”,well-done “烤得熟的,八成熟”。 请做得清淡些。 Can you make it mild? 您用早餐吗? Are you having breakfast? Are you having breakfast? (您用早餐吗?) No, I'll just have a cup of coffee. (不,我只要一杯咖啡。) 来杯咖啡怎么样? Would you like some coffee? Would you like some coffee? (来杯咖啡怎么样?) That would be great. (那太好了。) Would you care for some coffee? *更礼貌的说法。 Do you want some coffee? How about some coffee? 套餐里包括咖啡吗? Is coffee included with this meal? 请给我来一杯咖啡。 I'd like a cup of coffee, please. *I'd like是I would like的缩写。意思是“我想要……”,它比“I want...”的说法更礼貌。 还要别的吗? Anything else? *在听了对方想要的东西之后,餐厅服务员经常向顾客询问还需要什么。 Anything else? (还要别的吗?) No, thank you. That's all. (不要了,就要这些吧,谢谢。) Will that be all? (就要这些吗?) Anything else you want? (别的还要吗?) Is there anything else (that) you'd like? (还再要点其他的吗?) 够了/就要这些。 That's all for me. That's it. That's all. That would be all. 我没有点这个菜。 I didn't order this. I didn't order this. (我没有点这个菜。) You didn't, sir? (您没要吗?) This is not what I ordered. (这和我点的不一样。) 我点的菜还没上。 My order hasn't come yet. *order 是名词,表示“订的东西”、“订购物品”。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20111027/56943.html