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背诵为王第二册 Unit57:A Little Kite

Lesson57 A Little Kite “I never can do it,” the little kite said,As he looked at the others high 1 “I know I should fall if I tried to fly.” “Try,” said the big kite, “Only try!Or I fear you never will learn 2 . ” But the little kite said, “I'm afraid I'll fall.” The big kite nodded:“Ah, well, good-bye;I'm off.” And he rose toward the 3 sky. Then the little kite's paper stirred at the sight,And trembling, he shook himself free for flight. First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,Up, up he rose through the air alone,Till the big kite, looking down, could see The little one rising 4 Then how the little kite thrilled with pride,As he sailed with the big kite 5 ! While far below he could see the ground,And the boys, like small spots moving round. They rested high in the quiet air,And only the joyful birds were there. “Oh, how happy I am!” the little kite CRIed,“And all because I was brave, and tried.” ■填空答案■ 答案: 1. over his head 2. at all 3. cloudless 4. steadily 5. side by side 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20100328/16456.html