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(1)贴近生活,实用性强,所有星级典句全部选自相应语境中的常用句式; (2)内容简练,便于读者见缝插针,只在挤出五分钟的时间就能轻松完成一天的学习任务; (3)开本窄小,便于随身携带,是一本地地道道的掌中宝。希望读者借助本书的编写思路,零敲碎打,充分利用短暂的时间来进行口语训练,提高英语口头交际能力。本书为丛书之旅游英语分册。
290.I want some chocolate,please. 291.Do you have a cheap one? 292.I can give you 20% off. 293.It sounds very good and I will take it.
281. Id like a single room with a bath. 282.Could you reserve a double room for me? 283.I want a room facing the sea/south,if possible. 284.Do I pay in advance? 285.What time do you serve meals?
274.Ive booked a table at six this enening. 275.Ah, thats right.This way please. 276.What would you like to begin with? Here the memu. 277.We would like some local specialities.
269.Have you ever been to Jiuhua Mountain? 270.You might like to see Mingjiao Temple. 271.Mt.Huangshan is famous for its beautiful scenery in the world. 272.What are the best places to visit here,please.
255.Do you have anything to declare? 256.Whats the purpose of your stay? 257.Passport and visa,please. 258.May I give you an oral declaration?
255.Do you have anything to declare? 256.Whats the purpose of your stay? 257.Passport and visa,please. 258.May I give you an oral declaration?
248.Could I make a reservation for flight 10 to Tokyo? 249.Id like to travel first class,please. 250.One way trip .Whats the fare for an economy ticket? 251.Are there any direct flights?
240.Could you tell me the way to the nearest bank? 241.Its two blocks straight ahead. 242.Excuse me ,can you show me the way to the zoo? 243.Turn right at the next corner.You cant miss it.
235.Good bye,Susan(BYE!) 236.Good night,Mr.Green. 237.See you (See you tomorrow). 238.Take care and give my best regards to your parents.
227.I am sorry ,Please excuse me for coming late. 228.It doesnt matter. 229.I am sorry ,but I cant find the book you lent me. 230.Thats all right.
221.Thank you very much .Tt was a great party. 222.Tt was our pleasure. 223.Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. 224.Dont mention it (you are welcome).
213.Wed be glad if you could come. 214.Why dont you come roud for a meal? 215.Im driving to Shanghai on Saturday .Why dont you come too? 216.Which day will suit you?
208.You look nice (pretty/handsome)today. 209.Thats a very nice jacket. 210.Congratulations on your success(new baby/marriage). 211.The film is marvelous.
200.I was a little disappointed. 201.It was a little disappointing. 202.It really is a pity that you havent come. 203.What a disappointment!
192.How surprise! 193.What a surpise(a shame/a pity) 194.Thats too bad(awful/amazing)! 195.Youre joking?
184.I like your sense of humor. 185.I like Peking Opera. 186.I prefer traveing to staying at home. 187.Im fond of playing Tractor with my friends. 188.Hes keen on football. 189.I enjoy working with you very much.
176.I want to buy a new computer. 177.Id like to change 100 yuan note into small changes. 178.Im going to invite her to our wedding. 179.Well ship the goods out for you this afternoon.
167.I agree to hold a paty this evening. 168.I agree with his analysis of the problem. 169.Do you agree that his proposal is a good idea? 170.Yes, I agree.(No,I dont.)
158. Lets have a beer or something, shall we? 159. Yes, lets go. 160. Shall we go out for a walk? 161. Why dont you take some medicine? 162. What about going window shopping?
149. Do you have any idea/comment on the plan? 150. What do you think of this magazine? 151. Whats your view /opinion /idea of this play? 152. Could I know your reaction to the this play?
公务员英语第17课:Asking for Permission 请求许可2014-07-13
141. Can /May I use your phone? 142. Could you spare me a few minutes? 143. Do you mind if I open the window? 144. Would I read your newspaper for a while?
公务员英语第16课:Offering and Asking for Help 帮助与求助2014-07-12
133.Can /May I help you? 134. Do you need any help? 135. Would you like me to do that for you? 136.Is there anything I can do to help you?
公务员英语第15课:Talking about Hobbies 谈爱好2014-07-12
124. Do you have any hobbies? 125. Yes , I like bowling. 126. What are you interested in? 127. I’m interested in reading novels.
公务员英语第14课:Talking about Health 谈健康2014-07-11
117. I haven’t seen Xiao Li lately .How is he? 118. How’s your father been? 119. As a matter of fact ,he hasn’t been feeling too well. 120. I’m sorry to hear that.What’s the matter?
公务员英语第13课:Talking about the Family 谈家庭2014-07-11
109. Tell me about your family. 告诉我你的家庭情况吧. 注释:用family,表示家庭成员的情况,一般不能用home. 110. How many people are there in your family? 你家有几口人?