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英文歌曲MV:A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover2012-03-10
Your fingertips across my skin The palm trees swaying in the wind Images You sang me Spanish lullabies The sweetest sadness in your eyes
英文歌曲MV:Avril Lavigne - Goodbye2012-03-08
流行高清MV:Avril Lavigne - Goodbye
英文歌曲MV:Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music2012-03-08
Turn up the music, cause this song just came on Turn up the music, if they try to turn us down Turn up the music, can I hear it till the speakers blow Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it down
英文歌曲MV:The Pretty Reckless - You2012-03-07
You don't want me, no You don't need me Like I want you, oh Like I need you And I want you in my life
英文歌曲MV:One Direction - I Want2012-03-06
Give you this, give you that Blow a kiss, take it back If I look inside your brain I would find lots of things
英文歌曲MV:One Direction - Gotta Be You2012-03-03
Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart I tore it apart
乡村高清MV:Dierks Bentley - Home2012-03-03
West, on a plane bound west I see her stretchin’ out below Land, blessed Mother Land The place where I was born Scars, yeah she’s got her scars
英文歌曲MV:Rihanna - Hard2012-02-29
They can say whatever, ima do whatever No pain is forever, yup, you know this Tougher than a lion, aint no need in trying I live where the sky ends, yup, you know this
英文歌曲MV:Leona Lewis - Collide2012-02-28
We can collide, we can collide We can collide, we can collide When you’re in unfamiliar places Count on me through life’s changes Know that you’re never alone
经典高清MV:Westlife - Amazing2012-02-28
While all the others set me thinking straight to the point of what I'm feeling Oh we could be more than just amazing
英文歌曲MV:Melanie C - Northern Star2012-02-24
Don't look back and don't succumb to their lies and goodbyes. Live your life without regret.
经典高清MV:Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing2012-02-24
You break down my walls with the strength of you love I never knew love like I’ve known it with you Will a memory survive, one I can hold on to
英文歌曲MV:The Ready Set - Love Like Woe2012-02-22
I'm thinking, baby, you and I are undeniable But I'm finding out loves unreliable
英文歌曲MV:Kanye West Jay-Z - Ni**as In Paris2012-02-21
The Nets could go 0-82 and I look at you like this sh*t gravy Ball so hard.
乡村高清MV:Lady Antebellum - American Honey2012-02-20
Calling out my name like a long lost friend Oh I miss those days as the years go by Oh nothing's sweeter than summertime
乡村高清MV:Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound2012-02-15
Just close your eyes,You'll be all right.Come morning light,You and I'll be safe and sound...
英文歌曲MV:Birdy - 19012012-02-14
Counting all different ideas driftin' away Past and present they don't matter, not if you just sort it out Watch her moving in elliptical pattern Think it's not what you say, what you say is way too complicated
英文歌曲MV:Katy Perry - California Gurls2012-02-13
California, California girls (California girls, man) California, California girls (I really wish you all could be California girls)
舞曲高清MV:Selena Gomez - Naturally2012-02-13
Know who you are and to me it's exciting When you know it's meant to be Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally When you're with me, baby
英文歌曲MV:Greyson Chance - Unfriend You2012-02-13
So it's over, yeah we're through, so I'mma unfriend you You're the best I ever knew, so I will unfriend you
英文歌曲MV:Justin Bieber - Somebody To Love2012-02-08
nothing else,I promise girl I swear,I just need somebody to love.
英文歌曲MV:Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine2012-02-07
The sun is on my side. Take me for a ride. I smile up to the sky. I know I'll be all right.
英文歌曲MV:Pixie Lott - Turn It Up2012-02-06
As the world turns around and we go different places, new things, new dreams, new faces.
英文歌曲MV:Westlife - Fool Again2012-02-06
How was I to know, you never told me我又怎么知道,你从来没有告诉我