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英文歌曲MV:Tiffany Alvord - Payphone2012-05-09
All of my change I spent on you,Where have the times gone,Baby, it’s all wrong,Where are the plans we made for two?
英文歌曲MV:Shakira - Addicted To You2012-05-05
Im addicted to you, porque es un vicio tu piel Baby Im addicted to you quiero que te dejes querer.
英文歌曲MV:Darren Hayes - Maybe2012-05-05
Leaving your heart beating in fragile hands,And nobody understands,Maybe youre gone,Maybe you are finally coming home.
英文歌曲MV:Blue - Bubblin2012-05-04
Love the way youre shaken that for me (uh,huh)Lets take it upstairs from the lobby I dont see nothin in you and me bubblin
英文歌曲MV:Jay En Lianie - In A moment Like This2012-05-03
Wanna know wanna know wanna know how to get to you oh,In a moment like this.
英文歌曲MV:Bon Jovi - Always2012-04-27
Ill be there till the stars dont shine,Till the heavens burst and words dont rhyme,And I know when I die youll be on my mind,And Ill love you always.
英文歌曲MV:Adele - Chasing Pavements2012-04-27
Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements Even if it leads nowhere?
英文歌曲MV:Kevin Hammond - Broken Down2012-04-25
Yea shes broken down, just look into her eyes, you can see that her hearts broken,But you know what time is mending ohhh.
英文歌曲MV:Alyssa Reid - Talk Me Down2012-04-25
That Im on my own way,But you wont talk me down,Cause Im all the way up here now,No, you wont talk me down.
英文歌曲[视频]-My heart will go on2012-04-25
英文歌曲[视频]-My heart will go on
英文歌曲[视频]-Promise do not come easy2012-04-24
英文歌曲[视频]-Promise do not come easy
英文歌曲MV:Ell Nikki - Running Scared2012-04-24
Im running, Im scared tonight,Im running, Im scared of life,Im running, Im scared of breathing.
英文歌曲MV:Chris Medina - One More Time2012-04-24
Tell me how long will it take, till we done with all this instriprection I dont know why it hurts, but I know Im missing you, and I know you missing me
英文歌曲MV:Mariah Carey - I Still Believe2012-04-24
i still believe(ooh baby i do)someday you and me(just give me one more try)inlove again. I had a dream(i miss your love)someday you and me.. We'll find ourselves inlove again.
英文歌曲MV:Christina Perri - Distance2012-04-21
Say I love you when youre not listening How long till we call this love, love, love?
英文歌曲[视频]-I just call to say I love you2012-04-16
英文歌曲[视频]-I just call to say I love you
英文歌曲MV:Rihanna Drake - Take Care2012-04-13
i can tell by the way you carry yourself,if you let me, here’s what i’ll do,i’ll take care of you,i’ve loved and i’ve lost.
英文歌曲MV:曲婉婷 - Drenched2012-04-13
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I,I’m drenched in your love,I’m no longer able to hold it back.