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CRI在线收听:China's top economic planner to lift restrictions on foreign investment2018-04-19
Chinas top economic planner is promising to ease more restrictions on foreign investment in key areas.
CRI在线收听:Expert: Beidou system gaining popularity2018-04-19
Chinese netizens recently expressed their hope to use Chinas Beidou Navigation Satellite System, after some reports show that its accuracy can be improved to less than one meter.
CRI在线收听:IMF predicts 3.9% world economic growth for 2018 and 20192018-04-19
In its latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund has continued its earlier prediction of a 3.9% world economic growth rate for this year and the next.
CRI在线收听:Expert: zero tariff on imported cancer drugs to benefit Chinese patients2018-04-19
Chinese cancer patients will soon be able to purchase more imported anti-cancer drugs at a lower price.Authorities also say the approval times to get foreign drugs into the Chinese market will be greatly shortened.
CRI在线收听:China's Q1 GDP grows 6.8 pct year on year2018-04-18
The Chinese economy saw a solid start to the year with a 6.8-percent growth in the first quarter, official data showed Tuesday.
CRI在线收听:Scientists engineer mutant enzyme which eats plastics quickly2018-04-18
An international group of scientists has engineered an enzyme which they say will be able to eat some of the most common plastic. Its being touted as a possible way to fight pollution.
CRI在线收听:Boston Marathon bomb survivors may get advanced prosthetics2018-04-17
Doctors and researchers are applying lessons learned from treating survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 to advance prosthetics.A new amputation procedure saves tendons that are normally severed.
CRI在线收听:Luxury hotels put on special packages for Royal Wedding2018-04-17
Royal fever will reach new heights in London with the May 19th wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. London is expected to see a surge of tourists as the event approaches, and some hotels are offering special royalty-themed packages to attract visitors.
CRI在线收听:Chinese ambassador urges U.S. to make right decisions at relations' "crossroads"2018-04-17
Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai Sunday urged U.S. politicians and strategists to make the right choice at the crossroads of history for the worlds most important bilateral relations.
CRI在线收听:Locals hail plans for Hainan pilot free trade zone2018-04-16
People from all walks of life in south Chinas Hainan Province say theyre inspired by the decisions to transform the island province into Chinas largest pilot free trade zone.
CRI在线收听:Shared vision of the future should come first: former Italian PM2018-04-14
Mario Monti, economist and former Italian prime minister, says that he welcomes Chinas commitment to further opening up the countrys market and a shared vision of the future in the international system.
CRI在线收听:China's goods trade surplus shrinks in Q1: customs data2018-04-14
The latest customs data show that Chinas trade surplus shrunk, while imports grew faster than exports, in the first quarter of the year.
CRI在线收听:Safety highlighted in new document regulating self-driving cars' road tests2018-04-13
Authorities in China have issued new regulations for road tests of self-driving cars, which will allow local authorities to sign off on vehicle tests that match local conditions.
CRI在线收听:China's regional strategies represent new development philosophy2018-04-12
Chinas XiongAn New Area and the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao were among the discussions at the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan. Participants say these regional strategies represent Chinas 21st century development philosophy.
CRI在线收听:Opening up "a driving force for Asia's economic integration": BFA attendees2018-04-12
Attendees of the now-concluded Boao Forum for Asia annual conference in south Chinas Hainan Province are suggesting that opening up is an important driving force for boosting economic integration across Asia.
CRI在线收听:China-US trade disputes only temporary difficulties: expert2018-04-11
Despite facing potential import sanctions in the escalating trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, the US soybean lobby is still holding out optimism about future trade ties between China and the US.
CRI在线收听:Xi vows to further open up2018-04-11
President Xi Jinping has reaffirmed Chinas commitment to opening-up, while at the same time, pledging new steps to broaden market access and reduce tariffs for various products, including automobiles.
CRI在线收听:US accusations against China's IPR practices groundless: experts2018-04-10
Chinese and foreign observers are suggesting the Trump administrations threat of additional sanctions due to Chinas IPR practices are an open excuse for trade protectionism, suggesting the move is a clear violation of WTO rules.
CRI在线收听:Don't worry too much about market, they will recover: expert2018-04-10
The market always gets panic with all of this kind of overreaction and panic, even worse than the overreaction.
CRI在线收听:2 mln US jobs could be affected by China's tariffs lists: Study2018-04-09
A study by Washington-based think tank, Brookings, is warning that some 2 millions US jobs could be affected if the US side goes through with its tariff threats.
CRI在线收听:Chinese tech giants gear up to return homeland stock market via CDRs2018-04-09
Overseas-listed Chinese tech giants are said to be among the first planning for a listing in China via the new China Depositary Receipts program.
CRI在线收听:Fearing trade war, US farmers worry about uncertain pork market2018-04-09
U.S. farmers are suggesting theyre worried about their future amid the trade frictions between China and the United States, particularly in the American pork sector.
CRI在线收听:Mnangawa: China visit a huge success2018-04-09
Zimbabweas President is back in Harare, suggesting his trip to Chins this past week has been an overwhelming success.
CRI在线收听:Analysts urge China to "fight back" amid Sino-U.S. trade frictions2018-04-09
As the Sino-U.S. trade dispute escalates, economists from a leading Chinese think tank have called on China to fight to the end, and not to yield to pressure.
CRI在线收听:Trade war hurts the people: former New Zealand PM2018-04-09
Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley warns that trade wars hurt the people.
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