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BBC新闻[翻译]:突尼斯因物价飞涨 多城市爆发反政府游行

This the BBC news with Nick Kelly. There has been a 3th successive night of anti-government protest in the Tunisian capital Tunis and several other cities. Police have used tear gas against large crowds, angry with recent price rises affecting basic goods. The Prime Minster Youssef Chahed has condemned what he called unacceptable violence by protesters while demonstrators blame the police. Chales Havolen reports. Fresh nighttime protests have hit not only Tunis and Tebourba but several other towns where tires have been burned and petrol bombs thrown. The authority say dozens of policemen have been injured in the past day and about two hundred protesters have been arrested. The Prime Minster has accused demonstrators of using children to loot and ransack. Some of those demonstrating say it's no longer possible to live on that salaries, as costs of food, fuel and other goods spiral. With growing public anger, massive anti-Youssef authority rallies are planned for Friday. President Trump has said Washington could be persuaded to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord if a deal that treat the US more fairly could be reached. Speaking during a news conference, he said it was not the agreement itself he disagreed with but its unfavorable terms. "It's an agreement that I have no problem with but I had a problem with the agreement that they sign because as usual they made a bad deal. So, we could conceivably go back in but I say this, we are very strong in the environment. I feel very strong about the environment. But we also want businesses that can compete and Paris Accord really would've taken away our competitive edge and we are not gonna let that happen. I'm not gonna let that happen." Mr. Trump also insisted that founding for a wall along the Mexican border has to be included in immigration legislation, currently being negotiated between Republicans and Democrats. The White House Press Secretary had said that it was action on border security that was essential. But 24 hours later, the President was adamant that the wall has to be included in the Legislation. The US demanded that the Iran release all those arrested during recent anti-government protests. A White House statement said that Mr. Trump's administration was deeply concern that the Iran has imprisoned thousands of citizens for engaging in what he called peaceful protests. This is the World news from the BBC. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/18/01/BBC-NEWS-0112_5433603xJX.html